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Nov 3, 2017 !

Welcome to kasarabada.org !

Having completed Translation of Sundarakanda into English, we started on the Translation of Sundarakanda into Telugu. This week the translation of the Tenth and Eleventh Sargas appear this week in Telugu pages

We have also adding the complete Sundarakanda in English , which was in the works for the last six months with weekly uploads. The Sundarakanda in English for all sixty eight Sargas is put together in the form of a book and made available in the downloads section.

This document/book has hyper links from the content page to various Sargas. That means from the content page one can directly go to the Sarga of interest without scrolling through all the Sargas in between.

From each Sarga, the concluding " || om tat sat||" at the end of the Sarga provides one a return link to the content page. One can continue to the next Sarga or go back to the content page. In fact all sections from the ' Foreword' to 'Epilogue' , the "om tat sat" at the end of that section brings one back to the content page.

The Foreword, the Hanumastuti, the Brief Chapter wise Summary form the introductory part before the start of the main Sundarakanda Sargas. Each Sarga provides a text which is the aggregation of the meaning of all Slokas of the Sarga, in the complete Sundarakanda. Each Sarga provides a text which is effectually a textual aggregation of all the Slokas of that Sarga.

This is the antithesis of the Sankshipta Sundarakanda which was our first effort. Thus this is "Complete Sundarakanda".

It must be added that unless one is a staunch Sundarakanda devotee, reading the complete Sundarakanda in English devoid of the music of the Slokas, with added burden of an English which tried to stick to the original with long repetitive descriptions as faithfully as possible , is indeed a daunting task. But this can be the "traditional Parayana book" albeit in English !

To retain touch with the traditional Valmiki Sundarakanda each Sarga starts with the first Sloka of that Sarga and ends with the last Sloka of that Sarga. In that sense one will read one hundred and thirty six Slokas of the original Sundarakanda as part of the " complete Sundarakanda" in English. All of that was part of Sundarakanda that appeared in the kasarabada.org pages.

We have an update on the Athato Foundation activities this week in our Trust pages. . The major activity of the Athato Foundation in the form of supporting four Kasarabada Scholars got a fillip with Dr. & Mrs. Chundi Satayanarayana supporting two scholars with a donation of Rs 36000/.WE are very grateful and thankful for the same

The link page for the complete Sundarakanda downloads is Sundarakanda Slokas with Prose order and Translation

Earlier we started on our favorite Upanishad - namely Kathopanishad in Telugu. It is still continuing. Presenting the same in Telugu will virtually be a third iteration. Apart from the commentary on each Valli , the Telugu page also will have the Slokas too unlike in the English versions. In this week edition we have the commentary on Valli 1 and Slokas of Valli 1. Hope this increases the interest of our reader

Earlier we completed Devimahatmyam or Sapta Sati Parayana Sanskrit Slokas in Devanagari , Telugu and Kannada

A few weeks ago we highlighted our usual review of the visitors to the site. We are happy with the readership.

Happy reading !

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||om tat sat||

What is on the Kasarabada.org?

For the new visitors - the site has a layered structure with with Four main pages :

- Ramayanam which includes (i) Sundarakanda, (ii) Role models of Ramayana, (iii) Vijayraghavrao gari Telugu Sundarakanda (iv) Balakanda

- Bhagavatam which includes (i) Dasama Skandha and (ii) Uddhava Gita

Athato Brahma jignyasaa which includes (i) Kathopanishad and (ii) Tatvabhodha

One more thing is a page where we have articles which could be on anything , informative and educative handled with a light heart and a touch of contemporary realities.

These pages list all contents of those segments !

In effect to have a look at what is available from the earlier issues you only need to visit the four pages of Ramayanam , Bhagavatam , one more thing. and Athato Brahma Jignyasaa. Each page of these banner pages carry the list of all earlier articles .

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