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May 13, 2022


Welcome to Kasarabada.org.

This week we added 18 eBooks for Gita chapters 13 to 18 in English with Sloka text in Telugu, Devanagari and Kannada. All of these are listed on our E-Book home page. Final goal in this series is the complete Gita in English with Sloka text in multiple languages.

This was a new beginning in Kasarabada org pages with the addition of eBooks as a new way of delivering content. The e-Books require a Books App under IOS for Apple devices. It requires a Universal Book reader for Android devices. On Windows devices also you need an appropriate eBook reader. The e books are are published following ePub format, which allows flexible pages to fit the device screen size.

We have Gita in Telugu as our first offering of an e-Book. This covers all eighteen chapters of Gita in Telugu. We also have Sankhya Yoga , the Chapter 2 of Bhagavad GIta in English and Sloka text in Devanagari as our second eBook. Karma Yoga as well as Jnyana Yoga in English are also available as e-Books . These are all listed on the e-Book page.

Earlier we added some reflections on what we see as one of the many lessons of Gita. It is titled, 'A lesson from Gita'. A corresponding one in Telugu appeared under, సుబ్బలక్ష్మి గారి కలములో.

The completion of meanings of all Slokas in Gita is the culmination of an effort that was spread over time. Gita home page lists all the contents for all the chapters. There is a Gita home page in Telugu too, for your reading pleasure.

This is the 509th Issue.

Happy reading.

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