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November 08, 2018.

Happy Diwali.


Welcome to kasarabada.org !

Kasarabada.org wishes all its readers a very happy Diwali.

We also have a Diwali Special in the form of articles on the power of the word 'Rama'. This three part article is again a contribution from Tuaragas. These are based on the elaborations in Ramcharitmanas. All the links are available on our home page of Ramcharitmanas.

Sundarakanda with the inner meaning elaborated in Tattvadipika, moves this week to Sarga 19. The links for these pages are also available on the Sundarakanda main page as also in సుందరకాండ శ్లోక తాత్పర్యాలు in Telugu. The Telugu Tattvadipika and the English version of Tattvadipika for the 19th Sarga are presented in the following links Telugu Tattvadipika and English Tattvadipika. In the 19thSarga the we see the sorrowing Sita described in very many ways which would also be applicable for one separated from Paramatman and unable to reach him..

Kasarabada.org also added a complete updated Devi Mahatmyam in Devanagari , Telugu and English

The Ramacharitmanas of Tulasidas , consisting of around 10,800 verses or 1074 dohas , was composed in the idiom of the common man in the late sixteenth century.

In the earlier issues we presented a four part series of articles titled:

"Bhakti Sadhanas (Spiritual Practices of Devotion) in Ramacharitmanas"

Part 1 covered Sri Rama's preaching to Lakshmana, the Sadhanas of Bhakti.

Part 2 covered Valmiki's discourse to Sri Rama, describing 14 types of Bhaktas.

Part 3 covered Sri Rama's discourse to His subjects, describing the characteristics of Bhakti.

Part 4 covered Sri Rama's preaching to Sabari, the Navadha Bhakti (Nine Stages of Devotion).

All of these have been contributed by Turaga.

The 'one more thing' page column this week is remembrances of old times on such festival days. Earlier we had one on "Teachers's day 2018", which is on Sri Bhashyam Appalaacharyulu garu, who for ever remains our teacher.

Earlier issues reviewed our Trust activities. Highlight being that Trust continued with providing benches for one more classroom in the Govt. Upper primary School in KR Puram, Bangalore and supporting four Kasarabada Scholars. These are detailed on Trust pages

Trust pages also carry the information about the Kasarabada Scholars program

Happy reading !

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||om tat sat||


Kasarabada Sundarakanda Project :

The Kasarabada Sundarakanda Project or Kasarabada Project is as follows:

- Put together a smaller version of Sundarakanda in about 300 Slokas encompassing the entire story of Sundarakanda told in nearly 3000 slokas of Sundarakanda of Valmiki Ramayan.

- The first version of this is to be in Telugu , followed by one with English Translation. This is to be called Sankshipta Sundarakanda

- Create an on line version of Sundarakanda all Slokas of Sundarakanda for daily Parayan. This is to be available in multiple languages starting with Telugu, Kannada, Devanagari and Gujarati

- Create a version of Sundarakanda with all slokas rearranged in a prose order form for students of Sanskrit to discern the meaning very easily. This is also to make the later translation of Sundarakanda easier and also ease the path to a Sanskrit version of Sundarakanda in prose form.

- Create a version of Sundarakanda with English Translation with Sloka text in multiple languages starting with Telugu. This may not be new but this is the kasarabada version

- Create a version of Sundarakanda with Telugu Translation.

- Create a version of complete Telugu Sundarakanda in prose covering the meanings of all Slokas of Sundarakanda in Valmiki Ramayanam.

- Create a version of complete Sundarakanda in English covering the meanings of all Slokas of Sundarakanda in Valmiki Ramayanam.

- Create a version of Sanskrit Sundarakanda in prose form covering all slokas of Sundarakanda in Valmiki Ramayan

- Create a version of Sundarakanda bringing out the inner meaning of Sundarakanda in Telugu and English. This version could be called "Anatarartham" or Tattva Dipika . The main reference would be Tattva Dipika of Sri Bhashyam Appalaacharyulu garu .

The above is the broad scope of the Sundarakanda Project of kasarabada.org. This project has been in the works since 1994 , when we started the first project of making a Samkshipta Sundarakanda .

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