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August 10, 2018 !


Welcome to kasarabada.org !

The inner meaning or Tattva Dipika in Sundarakanda now moves on to the fifth Sarga The links for these pages are also available on the Sundarakanda main page as also in సుందరకాండ శ్లోక తాత్పర్యాలు in Telugu.

This week తత్త్వదీపిక - ఇదవ సర్గ - హనుమంతుని అన్వేషణ in Telugu and Tattva Dipika Sarga 5 in English both cover a few thoughts on the significance of Hanuman's search for Sita. These thoughts are from Appalacharyulu garu's elaboration - "Tattva Dipika"

The 'one more thing' page has a column on "The wonderful community". This is more of a personal note but tied to what we have presented in these columns about Yama's Footsteps"

A few weeks ago we had a guest column. The guest is Dr Shankar Tallapragada. It is about the 'one who knows not that he knows not' etc ! That sentence has a perfect ring of a Upanishadic thought about it. But This time it is a from a Chinese proverb and this is a must read guest column. Earlier we had "They are Hundred and we are five", as well as the one about a small beginning that blossomed !.

Earlier issues reviewed our Trust activities. Highlight being that Trust continued with providing benches for one more classroom in the Govt. Upper primary School in KR Puram, Bangalore and supporting four Kasarabada Scholars. These are detailed on Trust pages

Trust pages also carry the information about the Kasarabada Scholars program

Happy reading !

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