Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam

Balakanda Chapter 13

Aswamedha Yaga-2.

With Sanskrit text in Devanagari , Telugu and Kannada

पुनः प्राप्ते वसंतेतु पूर्णः संवत्सरोsभवत् ।
प्रसवार्थं गतो यष्टुं हयमेधेन वीर्यवान् ॥

It is one year after the powerful king started the sacrifice for prolonging his line. It is spring time again.


Chapter 13

It is one year after the powerful king started the sacrifice for prolonging his line. It is spring time again.

Having bowed and worshiped the sage Vashista , the king spoke to him . " Oh Best of Ascetics please have the sacrifice conducted with out any blemishes and as per prescribed procedures . You are well respected as a friend , well wisher as well as our Guru. Hence you take the responsibility of conducting this sacrifice'.

Then Vashista, that best of Brahmins, said " Amen". Sage Vashista then called upon the elders appointed to perform the sacrifice, as well as others involved in the sacrificial activities, artists , those involved in laying the bricks for the sacrificial altar, writers as well as the actors and actresses, the learned and the experts in Vedas etc. Then the seer told them, " All of you follow the orders of the king. Please be involved the activities of the sacrifice. Get thousands of the bricks. Build accommodation for the kings visiting for the sacrifice. Create accommodation for the thousands of the Brahmins coming for the sacrifice and please provide for all the food and drinks too".

Like wise make arrangements for the citizen to reside here comfortably providing for variety of food and drinks. Similarly for the country men also make arrangements without showing any discourtesy and provide for variety of food and drinks.

"People of all castes shall be accorded welcome and respect as required. In anger no body shall be looked down upon . The artisans employed in the sacrificial activities shall be respected according to their capability and the age. All of them must be satisfied with gifts and food. All activities shall be done properly and without any blemish and shall be done with love "

All of them told Sage Vashista , 'O Seer ! we have followed your direction and did everything as ordained. And we will continue to do so".

Then Sage Vashista called Sumantra and told him as follows . " Invite thousands of Brahmins , Kshatriyas vaisyas and Shudras from all over the country "

'Invite the the valorous ruler of Mithila who is a follower of truth. He is well versed in all Vedas and is a great man , so you may bring him yourself with great respect. I make this suggestion because of the predetermined relationship of the king'.

' Similarly invite the king of Kashi who is ever sweet and a close friend of the king. Also invite the pious king of Kekayas who is the father in law of the king Dasaratha, along with his son. Invite the ruler of Anga , the pious respected and famous Romapada too. The kings of Sindhu and Sauvira as well as the kings from South are all to be invited. All the friends of king Dasaratha across this earth are to be invited along with their friends and relatives'.

Following the instructions of Sage Vashista, Sumantra sent emissaries to invite people to various kingdoms. Intelligent Sumantra himself left to bring people specifically mentioned by the seer.

All those appointed for variety of works in sacrifice reported their works to the great sage Vashista. Satisfied sage Vashista spoke as follows. " when you are giving any thing to others there should be no disrespect, there can be no insult . A gift given while looking down on the receiver will only harm the giver. There is no doubt about that .

After a few days all the kings arrived carrying variety of gifts.

Then Sage Vashista very much pleased told the king Dasaratha following your invitation all the kings have arrived . All of them have been welcomed as they should be. All those appointed for the Sacrifice have brought all the required material. All the material that has been brought has been placed at appropriate points. O King ! Please come to the sacrificial hall to perform the sacrifice. O king please see this hall which was built very quickly as per the wishes ".

Then on a auspicious day as per the directions of the two seers Vashista and Rishyasrumga king Dasaratha started towards the sacrificial hall.

Having reached the sacrificial hall in a body placing Rishyasrumga at the head of all, the foremost of Brahmans along with Vashista then commenced the sacrifice same day according to the scriptural ordinances prescribed .The glorious King with his consorts went through the ceremony of consecration.

So ends the chapter 13 of Balakanda in Valmiki Ramayan.
om tat sat

श्रीमांश्च सहपत्नीभी राजा दीक्षामुपाविशत् ॥
The glorious King with his consorts went through the ceremony of consecration.

|| om tat sat ||