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Ramudu - SugunaabhiRamudu

  • Ramudu Sugunaabhi Raamudu !!

The start of Ramayana is with a dialog of Narada and sage Valmiki. sage Valmiki asks Narada as who is the best of men. The question itself reflects the fact that this is meant to be the story of a 'Nara', albeit the best one among them. The divinity of Rama is not revealed in Ramayana as explicitly as Krishna's divinity is revealed in Bhagavatam.

Valmiki's question is elaborate. Valmiki asks Narada who is that man who has the following sixteen qualities namely:

There is an elaboration on each of the sixteen characteristics.That formed the text of an earlier publication(1991)

'Ramudu-Sgunaabhiramudu' was an extract of Shri Bhashyam Apalacharyulugaru's book on Valmiki Ramayanam.We had the blessings of Shri Bhashyam Appalaacharyulugaru in that he wrote an introduction too for that publication.

The answer is simple.

It is ' Rama the son of Dasaratha in the line of Ikshwakus'!!

Seen as the struggles of a Nara to uphold dharma against great odds it is probably more valuable , heroic and Rama stands out as a role model for the race of human beings. If he were known as God or God himself , his achieving them would have no element surprise or struggle.

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