One more thing ! ......

Thought Speech and action in unison !

మనస్యేకం వచస్యేకం
కర్మణ్యేకం మహాత్మనాం|
మనస్యన్యద్ వచస్యన్యద్
కర్మణ్యన్యద్ దురాత్మనామ్||

मनस्येकं वचस्येकं
कर्मण्येकं महात्मनां।
मनस्यन्यद् वचस्यन्यद्
कर्मण्यन्यद् दुरात्मनाम्॥

A learned man will think, speak and act in unison. A person with ulterior motives thinks one thing speaks a different thing and may do entirely different thing.

This is not an earth shattering revelation. But it is a statement of unexceptionable truth.

This is something which is very easily stated and agreed by most. Yet it is also some thing very easily broken.

Quite possibly there will be several instances of seemingly minor dissonance between the word and deed happening for very small events in day to day life of many. They may be of no great consequence. There may be no great consequences also.

However in close relationships the breaking of the principle has a very silent corrosive effect with disastrous results.

When it happens at home with child observing the parents who say some thing and do some thing it has its impact. The positive impact of unity in thought, speech and action is well stated and understood. The negative impact is corroding on the value system of the growing child.

The leaders become less of leaders to be admired though they may be followed because of their title or position. The teachers become less of a model for their students. The friends lose the meaning of loyalty when there is no unity of thought speech and action in their transactions.

When it happens in organizations it is a recipe for disaster.

The value system silently disappears without a trace.

Best part though is that in all cases the road to recovery is not difficult if the essence is recognized!

||Om Tat Sat||