One more thing ! ......

The remembrances of a Festival day !!

The new beginnings on a festival day !!

Festivals like Dussera or the Navarathri bring back lots of memories , many of which will bring an instant smile !!

The earliest remembrance sends you to those delightful innocent days of those elementary school days when we were all a "Rama" or "Hanuman" or what ever "God" you wanted to be and then going about with a bow and arrows squirting colorful powders or even water on friends or facing them in return ! In the very old days those were also the days on which the class teacher visited the homes of the children with groups of children and children make a show of their prowess in singing ! The teacher in turn getting rewarded by parents !

Every where it was time for new clothes and sweets. It did not matter if you are rich or poor . And our parents used to make it look so natural and it is always a happy occasion

For some these were the days on which you started the preparation for the "final big exams" due in March . Unbelievable ?!.. but that was true in our case where we were made to believe that 'education and exams' are the only things that mattered !!.. From a safe distance now, I can laugh at those thoughts !!

For some people these are the days on which one would start a new job ! If you were in a job you may also remember these days for the new projects started. If you are a Bangalorean a visit to Mysore is a must . And in any case Bangalore and "Ayudha puja" are inseparable ! It is also the period during which some body would have started the construction of a house !! For several people Vijaya dasami would be the day on which you did 'Grihapravesam' or entered a new house !! That was so true for us in any case !!

These were also the days on which many a big project was launched silently ! Even today the number of companies registered during these ten days will be far more than any other week in the whole year !

As we grew these are the days on which you pleased the loved ones !

These were also the days on which you made up with friends from you may have strayed !!

I can still remember the occasions when the wiser one among us initiated that small dialog that buried a hated heated argument and instantly forgotten are those fights we have had ! If you wonder who was wiser , I can assure you that neither had a lock on that !! .

The one who made that small beginning to make the other smile was the wiser one!

Happy Dussera !!

om tat sat