One more thing ! ......

Questions Questions .. and more Questions !!

Questions ,Questions and more Questions !!

“By what means can I find Janaka's daughter Maithili without being seen by Ravana's Rakshasas?"

"How can the failure of Rama's mission be avoided?"

"How can I manage to see Janaki in a secluded spot with only two of us being present?."

"How can I avoid making a blunder? "

"How can I ensure that my leaping over the ocean will not prove to have been in vain?"

To follow Hanuman is to hear Questions, questions and more questions. Like any normal human being he is filled with many doubts like whether what should happen would happen. Add to that the anxiety about how to achieve the given task . And so on. While all such questions pile up, he would gather himself and comes back to the primary task !!

“First let me find out if Janaki is alive or not then only I will think of other issues”

This is one aspect of Hanuman we will see consistently. Several times he will be assailed by doubts , but he will shake them off and gets a move on.

On all those occasions he will come out with gems of expression complete in their own context , as we see presently.

"In the hands of timid or thought less messengers even the tasks which are all but accomplished will be lost like the darkness which disappears at sunrise".

Or another one.

Even a decision duly arrived at regarding what should be done and what should not be done does not yield good results when implemented by thought less

messengers. Messengers fancying themselves to be clever bring to naught all undertakings on such occasions!!

Project managers who have taken their knocks will certainly agree!!!

Om tat sat

om tat sat