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Listen carefully .. having understood ..bring into practice

"Listen Carefully to the principles and essence of of Dharma. Having listened and understood , bring into practice. Deeds done by others which hurt your feelings, should never be repeated by you".

( From July 2010 issue of Vedantavaani , a chinmaya mission publication)

A slightly modified statement “

, meaning” listen fully and then act to implement the same” is unexceptionable management mantra. I had a boss who used to get irritated if he was interrupted and would say “let me complete first “. Ideal boss is one who delivers actionable tasks in right amounts based on his managers capabilities, while all the time secretly planning to upgrade his managers capabilities. But ideal bosses are rare and in that context the above is an invaluable management advice for the managers.

The second part

- -,

effectively meaning “what you do not like others to do" , you also do not do to others is like one of the ten commandments.

This is the universal truth.

Even at home if we look back , what goes wrong most probably or most of the time is not adhering to

" Listen fully" .

We do not hear fully but we are anxious to act. The merits of acting after listening or understanding fully are obvious.

It is also about adhering to the philosophy “ you do not do to others what you do not like others to do to you”.

Om Tat Sat