||Ramayana Paarayana Sargas||

Parayana is some thing very common to people attached to Ramayana. People instinctively choose their own way of Parayana by selecting parts of Ramayana or Sundarakanda etc. People go through a complete Ramayana Parayana too. Complete Ramayana would be a gigantic task.

Bhashyam Appalaacharyulu garu in his Tatvadipika on Sundarakanda specifically talked about some Sargas whose Parayana amounts to doing complete Ramayana. he specifically mentioned the following Sargas

Sampurna Ramayana Sarga (Sarga 1 in Balakanda)

Sri Rama jananm (Sarga 18 , Balakanda)

Sita Rama kalyanam (Sarga 74 Balakanda)

Nagapasa Vimochana Sarga (Sarga 50, Yuddha Kanda)

Aditya Hrudayam (Sarga 107 , Yuddha Kanda)

Ravana Vadha (Sarga 115 Yuddha Kanda)

Rama Pattabhisheka (Sarga 131 Yuddha Kanda)

In his Tatvadipika on Sundarakanda , which covered all the sixty eight Sargas of Sundarakanda, Appalaacharyulu garu added the above Sargas as part of the Sloka text. It is to be understood that along with Sundarakanda Parayana if one reads the above Sargas it would amount to Sampurna Ramayana Parayana.

In the same spirit we are also adding the slokas of above Sargas.

As the adage goes "May Lord Rama bring peace and happiness to all those who read these Slokas" .

The Parayana Sargas are available in Telugu and Kannada also

|| Om tat sat ||