||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 12||(Summary in English)


(PS: This is a true translation of the Sanskrit epic which tends to have long descriptive sentences which are retained as they are)||om tat sat||

||om tat sat||

Sarga 12

That Maruti anxious to see Sita went to the houses of creepers, picture galleries, night places in the middle of those palace complex. But he could not find the beautiful lady Sita.

Then the great Vanara unable to see the beloved of Rama started thinking. "While searching for Mythili I am unable to find her. She might surely be dead. That Janaki the follower of noble path who wishes to protect her chastity surely must have been killed by the king of Rakshasas who is an evil. That daughter of king Janaka looking at the ugly distorted dull women with huge faces, the tall and deformed women of the Rakshasa King may have died out of fear."

Hanuman keeps thinking

'Without seeing Sita , searching for whom is the pride of achievement, having passed the time limit it is not possible to go back to meet Sugriva. That Sugriva punishes severely and is powerful'.

'All the harem has been seen. All the Ravana women were seen. The pious Sita is not seen. My effort has gone waste. Once I go back what will the Vanaras say ? 'Valiant one ! what have you done after going there? That you tell us. Having exceeded the time limit and not having seen the daughter of Janaka what can I say?They will surely sit and wait unto death. Once I cross the sea what will the elder Jambavan say. What will Angada and other Vanaras who gather say'.

'Being free from despair is the cause of prosperity. Being free from despair leads to ultimate happiness and leads to achieving all objectives. The effort of living beings always bears fruit. Therefore without despairing I will renew my efforts. I will look at all places not seen in this country ruled by Ravana. The drinking places are visited. The garden houses too. The picture galleries too. Again all the play houses too. The paths through the gardens and mansions were searched. Everywhere including the chariot Pushpaka were searched'.

Having thought as above he again started searching the underground houses, temples, the houses within houses The great Vanara searched again going up and down, stopping for some time and moving, opening and closing doors by crossing, entering, and exiting , jumping up and down. He searched wherever there was scope for search.

In that inner palaces of Ravana's harem he did not leave space of even four fingers. He went through the lanes inside the boundaries, around the temples, the pandals, the wells and ponds. He searched all of them. There Hanuman saw Rakshasas of different types ugly and deformed. But he did not see the daughter of Janaka. Hanuman saw Vidhyadhara women who are of matchless beauty . But he did not see the daughter of Janaka. Hanuman saw Naga women with moon like faces , but he did not see Sita with slender waist. Hanuman saw the Naga women forcibly taken away after defeating them. But not Sita.

Hanuman, the great armed Vanara not being able to see Sita while seeing other great women was again despondent. Looking at them, the son of wind god felt that the effort of crossing the sea is wasted. Again he started to brood.

Then with a mind stricken with grief, the Hanuman got down from the chariot and started to think.

Thus ends Sarga twelve of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first ever poem of Sanskrit written by Vyasa

||om tat sat||








Thus ends the eleventh Sarga of Sundarakanda in Ramayan , the first ever poem in Sanskrit written by Valmiki||
||om tat sat||