||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 15||(Summary in English)


(PS: This is a true translation of the Sanskrit epic which tends to have long descriptive sentences which are retained as they are)||om tat sat||

||om tat sat||

Fifteenth Sarga

Looking out from there Hanuman who was searching for Mythili surveyed all around that place.

Hanuman saw that Ashoka grove well decorated all around having splendid trees with creepers enriched with fine fragrance .

Resembling the Nandana grove of Indra, (it is) enchanting with variety of trees, filled with animals and birds , filled with sounds of cuckoos , and tall mansions. Tanks with seating places having rich coverings, with many underground homes, have golden lilies and lotuses. It is with trees full of blossoms of all seasons, with trees full of fruits, delightful with blossoms of Ashoka tree. That grove thus glowing with the splendor of the rising Sun, was seen by Hanuman sitting on that tree.

With often falling flowers, with hundreds of birds, with branches having no leaves it was like a rendering. With flowers serving as ear ornaments, it is with blossoms up to the base of the trees, with Ashoka trees which can remove the grief.

Loaded with heavy flowers, flowers were as if touching the ground. The grove was With blossoms, with fully bloomed Karnikaras flowers and Kimsukas. With their radiance all of that place was aflame with blooming Pannagas Saptaparnas, Champakas and Uddalakas.

There were thousands of Ashoka trees some of which shone like gold, some of which looked like flames of fire, some of which are like black collyrium.

With different types of gardens resembling Nandana forest of Indra, colorful like Chaitraratha gardens of Kubera, surpassing divine, delightful surrounded with luminaries, with radiance of countless varieties of blossoms it was lovely like a ( second) sky. With hundreds of gems in the form of flowers it is wonderful like a second Ocean. With flowers that bloom in all seasons, honey scented trees , with flocks of birds and animals enchanting with various fragrances including divine fragrance the grove was pleasing to the heart.

Not far from there, the best among Vanaras sitting in the middle of the highly fragrant Ashoka grove saw a big tall temple looking like another mount Gandhamadana with a thousand pillars white like mount Kailasa having stairs paved with corals, having altars of bright molten gold, glowing with brilliance as if stealing the eyes, looking white due to its light and tall as if touching the sky.
There he saw a woman wearing soiled clothes, surrounded by Rakshasa women, emaciated due to fasting, looking pitiable, sighing again and again, white and thin like the crescent moon at the beginning of a bright fortnight.

She was faintly recognizable in appearance with bright radiance , looking like tip of fire engulfed in smoke, with a worn out body ,wearing a single yellow cloth of superior quality unadorned looking like a dusty lotus pond bereft of lotuses. She was bashful looking tormented with agony, a woman of penance looking like Rohini troubled by the planet Mars.

Overwhelmed with sorrow and eyes filled with tears, she was looking dejected, looking emaciated by fasting. Always meditating in sorrow, not seeing her dear people, seeing only the Rakshasa women , she was like a female deer surrounded by a group of hounds.

She appeared like a range of trees at the end of a rainy season with her single braid touching her hips. Consumed by grief, not experienced in vices, she was like one who deserved to be happy.

Seeing that wide eyed , thin and very much emaciated lady ,(Hanuman) started wondering if she is Sita. 'This lady is of the same form as the one taken away by force by that Rakshasa who can take any form'.

With full face like that of a Moon, with shapely eye brows, beautiful breasts, rendering bright in all directions with her radiance, the queen with black hair, red lips like Bimba fruit, with eyes like lotus and pleasing limbs, she was like Rati of Manmatha.

She was with the radiance of full moon favorite of the whole world, austere like an ascetic sitting on the ground with lovely figure. Timid , continuously sighing like the hissing of the consort of the serpent Lord, looking gloomy caught in web of great grief.

Like a flame of fire obscured by a cloud of smoke, like a text of Smriti of doubtful meaning, like a thrown away treasure. She was like lost faith, a hope obstructed, success inhibited , vitiated intellect. She is like a fame soiled by false allegation, troubled by not being able to meet Rama, emaciated on account being kidnapped by the Rakshasa.

Fawn eyed, with an unhappy face, with eyes full of tears with black curved eyelashes sighing again and again she was ( anxiously) looking here and there. She was covered with dust , dejected, not adorned though deserved to be adorned, like the moon surrounded by black clouds.

She was like the vedic knowledge that faded for want of recitation. Looking at her Hanuman's mind also wavered , Hanuman had difficulty in recognizing Sita devoid of decoration like a word that lost its meaning for want of usage.

Seeing that blameless princess of wide eyes, by right signs and reasons Hanuman came to the conclusion that she is Sita. Hanuman observed ornaments worn by Vaidehi adding grace to her limbs which Rama had described. He also observed well crafted ear ornaments, properly fitting Svadamshtras and on hands wonderfully variegated corals and gems. The ornaments blackened due to constant use have left marks on her body

Those that Rama has described are the same ones I think. Those dropped ornaments are not on her. The ones that are not dropped are these I have no doubt . That auspicious yellow upper cloth shining like gold, stuck to the trees is the one seen by the Vanaras. Those thrown down on the ground by her were the excellent choice ornaments that make jingling noises were seen too.

This cloth worn long thus is looking crumpled. Even so its color is shining like another fresh cloth. This lady of golden complexion, Rama's beloved queen even though lost ( being carried away) does not disappear from his mind.

For her sake Rama is lost with compassion because she is woman, because of gentleness for one who took refuge, sorrow because she is his wife, passion because she is his love.

The black eyed Sita and her divine charming body with perfect limbs are a match for Rams's form too. Her divine mind is fixed on Rama . His mind is fixed on her. For this reason she and righteous Rama are able to survive till this moment.

Lord Ram has accomplished a difficult task in sustaining himself, without allowing himself to sink and perish during separation from her. That without Sita, a lady of intoxicating lustre , he is able to live even for a moment is a difficult task accomplished by strong armed Rama.

The son of wind god seeing Sita , delighted , reached Rama in his mind thus and praised him.

Thus ends the fifteenth Sarga of Sundarakanda in Ramayan the first ever poem in Sanskrit written by venerable Valmiki
||om tat sat||