||Sarga 1||

|| Sagara Saagara and Mainaka||

|| ఓమ్ తత్ సత్||

Sagara Saagara and Mainaka

Our epics have a way of embedding stories within stories and so is the case with Sagara, Saagara, and Mainaka.

Sagara is a king of Ikshwaku line.

Saagara is the Ocean who is nourished by Sagara, the Lord of Ikshwakus.

With that relationship, Saagara feels obliged to help in any cause of Ikshwakus line. Hanuman is a minister of Rama going on mission for Rama in search of Sita. Rama is from the line of Ikshwakus.

Saagara, wanted to help Hunuman by letting him rest for some time, while crossing the ocean. To create a space for him to rest, Saagara requests the mountain Mainaka who is hidden in the sea and who has the capacity grow tall and wide for help. So Saagara asks Mainaka to grow tall enough and provide a platform for Hanuman to rest.

Mainaka himself was hidden in the sea, protected by Saagara, pushed there into the ocean by Wind God (Vayu).

Mainaka tells this part of his story to Hanuman, linking himself directly to Hanuman's father the Wind God!

He tells Hanuman that in the early days all the mountains had wings, and when they moved at will it was terrifying to all beings on the mountains. Then Indra took up his Vajrayudha to slash away the wings of all mountains and thereby make them stationary. When Indra came up against Mainaka, just as Indra raised his Vajrayudha wind god swept away Mainaka by his force and pushed him into the ocean,thus protecting him from Indra. Then Saagara gave him a shelter in the ocean. Hence Mainaka missed the punishment.

So Mainaka feels he is obliged to Wind God also for saving him from Vajrayudha of Indra and Saagara for giving him shelter.

Hanuman being son of Vayu, he wanted to reciprocate the help he received by offering a place to rest on the way to Lanka...

Hanuman will of course have none of it.

He is set on a course to search and find Sita, the consort of Rama. Nothing on earth will detract him from his mission!

So that is the story of Sagara, Saagara and Mainaka.

As a post script , we also know from Sundarakanda that Indra who was set on slashing the wings of mountains was pleased with Mainaka for making the effort to support Hanuman. He gives him a boon that he may rest in peace and not fear him any more. There after Mainaka resumed his position under the ocean.

There is also another story about why Mainaka remained under sea. That happened in response to a request from Indra to block the path of Rakshasas living in the underground. When Bali was sent to Patala by Vishnu, Indra came up with a plan to block the return path by placing Mainaka squarely in their path so that they cannot come up.

Probably that happened after Rama avatara . Since in Sundarakanda through the authority of Valmiki we have Indra giving permission to Mainaka for staying under the seas safely !!

|| Om tat sat ||

|| Om tat sat ||

"Battle with Surasa" !


(Ref Valmiki

Sundarakanda Slokas




"His name is Hanuman, you provide a momentary obstruction "


Battle with Surasa:


Surasa is the mother of all great serpents. Devas ask Surasa to provide a momentary obstruction to Hanuman and test his resolve.


Then Surasa bars Hanuman's path saying that he has been sent by Gods as her food and that he must enter her mouth.

Hanuman ever reverential, cups his hand and tells her about his mission.


“Rama , the son of Dasaratha, entered Dandaka forest with his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana. He is an implacable foe of the Rakshasas . When Rama was away Ravana abducted Sita. On Rama's command I am going to Sita as his messenger .Iwill promise you this . Once I have completed my service after seeing Sita , I will return to enter your mouth".


Surasa does not relent and Hanuman and says “ Hanuman , no one can escape me such is my boon “.


Upset with her , Hanuman challenges her to open her mouth wide enough for him to enter. Surasa expands her mouth to accommodate ten Yojanas long Hanuman. The challenge proceeds with each increasing their sizes.


Seeing Hanuman of grown to ten Yojanas , Surasa stretched her jaws to twenty yojanas. Then Hanuman increased his size to thirty yojanas. In turn Surasa opened her jaws to forty Yojanas. The Hanuman expanded his size to fifty Yojanas and Surasa opened her jaws to sixty Yojanas. Then again Hanuman increased his size to Seventy Yojanas. Then Surasa opened her jaws to eighty Yojanas and Hanuman increased his size to ninety Yojanas. Seeing Hanuman of the size of a mountain Surasa increased her jaws to hundred Yojanas.


It is then Hanuman , known for his intelligence and his ability to change his form at will , made himself to be the size of a thumb. In a moment flew into the mouth of Surasa and flew out as quickly .


Then staying up in the sky Hanuman addresses Surasa.



Saying “ Dakshayini , the boon given by Brahma has been fulfilled in as much as I entered your mouth and came out.”


Surasa too pleased with the act of Hanuman outwitting her , wishes Hanuman all success.


The gods who sent Surasa too were pleased with the battle of wits and happy that Hanuman came out on tops.


Hanuman continued his journey to Lanka!


Battle with Simhika


Seeing Hanuman flying across the ocean A Rakshasi by name Simhika started thinking


Simhika thought that after a long time a large creature has come with her grasp. And thinking like that she caught hold of the shadow.


Hanuman too realized that he is held back by some force not moving forward very much like a ship caught in unfavorable winds on the ocean.


Looking back he saw the huge creature Simhika rising from the ocean floor. Immediately Hanuman realized that it is the same shadow catcher mentioned by Sugriva. The intelligent hanuman having already overcome Surasa , seeing Simhika , realized the open jaws and the vital parts of the demon as an invitation. He contracted his body to enter her mouth and came out slashing her vital organs and flew up again. Then Simhika fell down dead.


Seeing the fallen Simhika all the beings roaming the heavens were delighted and addressed Hanuman.


“In killing the mighty creature today you have accomplished a formidable feat . Now you may accomplish the chosen task without Hindrance”


Then Valmiki adds using the heavenly beings


“One who possesses the four virtues firmness, foresight, intelligence and skill never fails in his undertakings”


Having accomplished one more feat hanuman moved on towards Lanka in search of Sita .


om tat sat