||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 20||(Summary in English)


(PS: This is a true translation of the Sanskrit epic which tends to have long descriptive sentences which are retained as they are)||om tat sat||

Sarga 20

That Ravana addressed the unhappy depressed ascetic lady, Sita surrounded by Rakshasa women with sweet and animated words.

'Oh Lady with thighs like the trunk of an elephant !Seeing me you are hiding your breasts and belly. You want to conceal yourself out of fear from me . Oh large eyed one, richly endowed with beauty in all limbs , delight of all worlds I desire you. Dear Sita oblige me . Here there are no other men or Rakshasas who can change their form . Sita be free of fear you have of me'.

'Oh Timid one kidnapping by force , approaching others wives is normal for Rakshasas. There is no doubt. Though the passion holds it sway on my body in this way, I will not touch you since do not desire me. O Lady trust me. You have no fear here. Truly love me. Do not entertain sorrow.

Oh Lady with single braid, sleeping on the ground meditation wearing soiled clothes fasting without reason are not appropriate for you. Mythili! having secured me , you can get wonderful garlands, sandal incense several kinds of garments divine ornaments rich beds and drinks . You can enjoy singing dancing and music too'.

'You are jewel among women. Do not remain like this. decorate your limbs. Lady of beautiful body having obtained me how can you be deprived of any thing. This beautiful youth of yours thus created will pass away. Like the fast flowing water it will not return again. Oh lady of auspicious looks having created you the creator stopped. There is none who is comparable in beauty to you'.

'Vaidehi after getting you with your extraordinary beauty and youth who can retain his mind. Even creator cannot. With face like that of a full moon and heavy hipped , when ever I see your limbs which ever limb I see I am unable to extricate my eyes'.

'Mythili be my wife. Give up this delusion. Be my chief consort among all the several excellent women who have been brought by me and be blessed. Oh Timid lady ! All the gems and precious things I brought by force from all over the world, all the kingdom and me too are yours'.

'Oh Lovely lady winning the whole world and all the cities I will give them to Janaka for your sake. In this world there is none equal to me. See my unrivalled great strength in battle'.

'Again and again Devas and Asuras with their flags crushed were shattered in battle unable to stand against me. My desire is that you do best decoration. You wear radiant ornaments on your body. I wish you to decorate yourself and wish to see your pleasing form'.

'O Charming lady ! Timid one, liberally decorate yourself as you like, drink and make merry. Give away land and wealth as you wish. Being free enjoy with me. Boldly order me. Oh Auspicious lady ! By my grace enjoy enjoying with your relations. You see my wealth and fame'.

'O Beautiful lady ! What will you do with the person in bark robes who renounced victory, lost fortune, who is wandering in the forest , following asceticism , sleeping on the ground. Whether Rama is alive or not I am doubtful. Oh Vaidehi ! Rama may not even be able to see you, like the flying cranes cannot see the moon rays veiled by the clouds'.

'Raghava will not be able to get you back from my hands like Hiranyakasipu was able to usurp the fame from the hands of Indra. Lady of charming smile, lady of beautiful teeth and beautiful eyes, luxurious and timid lady you have captivated my mind like the Garuda snatching away a serpent.

'Oh Tender woman, wearing spoiled silk clothes though not adorned seeing you I am not finding love in my other wives. O Janaki ! Many of the ladies of my harem are endowed with all attributes . You may exercise authority on all of them'.

'Oh lady with dark hair! The best among the women in the three worlds and Apsarass who are mine will attend on you like Goddess Lakshmi. Oh Lady of beautiful hips , beautiful eyebrows, you be happy and enjoy with whatever gems and wealth and those worlds as well including me. Oh Devi , Rama is not my equal in penance. Not in prowess or valor. Not in wealth, nor in brilliance or fame too'.

'Oh delightful one, Heaps of riches as well as lands I am presenting to you. Drink, sport and enjoy. Enjoy all pleasures with me as you please. Enjoy along with your relations'.

'Oh Timid one ! Deck yourself with pure gold necklaces, enjoy along with me in the enchanting sea side forest groves full of trees with blossoms'.

Speaking thus Ravana tries to allure Sita in her captivity.

Thus ends the twentieth Sarga of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first poem composed by the first poet sage Valmiki.

||om tat sat||