||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 43 (Summary in English)


(PS: This is a true translation of the Sanskrit epic which tends to have long descriptive sentences which are retained as they are)||om tat sat||

||om tat sat||

Sarga 43

Then having killed the Kinkaras, Hanuman stood and reflected. 'I have destroyed the grove. The Chaitya palace is not destroyed. So I am going to destroy this palace'.

The best of Vanaras, the son of wind god having thus thought through in his mind, jumped on top of the Chaitya Palace which was like a Meru mountain peak, to show his strength. The Best of Vanaras climbed the palace of the size of a mountain and looked like another rising Sun. Then Hanuman having surrounded the impregnable fine palatial building glowed like the mountain Pariyatra.

The son of wind god assuming the form of a large body by his prowess, started patting himself ( on the body making loud noise) heard all over Lanka. By this unbearable sound of patting , the birds and the guards of the Chaitya palace lost consciousness.

' Rama knowledgeable about all weapons will be victorious. So will be Lakshmana. Sugriva ruled by Rama too will be victorious. I am Hanuman killer of the enemy armies, a servant of Rama , the king of Kosala, who can accomplish most difficult tasks. Hurling rocks and trees in thousand ways in a battle even thousand Ravana's can not match my might. While all the Rakshasas keep looking , having destroyed Lanka, offering obeisance to Maithili, I will return having accomplished my task'.

Hanuman ,the best of Vanaras having said this roared standing on top of the palace making terrifying sound generating fear in the Rakshasas. Hearing that sound hundred guards of the Chaitya palace carrying different weapons like darts , swords , axes surrounded Maruti hurling the same at him. Holding wonderful maces decorated with gold, crowbars and arrows which are sharp like Suns rays, they hit Hanuman. The horde of Rakshasas having surrounded Hanuman looked like big whirlpool of river Ganges. Then the mighty Hanuman , the angry son of wind god , assuming fearsome form uprooted a hundred edged pillar of the palace and whirled it around with great speed. Then fire got generated and the palace was burnt. Then the best of Vanaras killing hundred Rakshasas, looked like the Indra killing Asuras with his thunder bolt and said these words standing in the air.

' Huge and mighty Vanaras like me , loyal to Sugriva , are despatched in thousands. We and others are wandering around the earth ( in search of Sita). Some have strength of ten elephants, some have ten times more strength, some others have thousand elephants strength. Some have force of a flood, some have the strength of wind, and still others have immeasurable strength. Surrounded with such warriors in their hundreds thousands and tens of thousands, who use their teeth and nails as weapons, Sugriva the killer of all of you is coming. Because of having been bound with enemity of the lord of Ikshvakus, this city of Lanka will be no more. You will be no more. Ravana too will be no more'.

Thus ends Sarga forty three of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the very first poem composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki.

||om tat sat||