||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 57(Summary in English)


(PS: This is a true translation of the Sanskrit epic which tends to have long descriptive sentences which are retained as they are)||om tat sat||

||om tat sat||

Sarga 57

Hanuman moved across the skies like a huge boat on the ocean . With sky as ocean the moon was like beautiful lotus, sun was like auspicious water fowl, Stars Tishya and Sravana were like sweet voiced swans. Clouds were like duckweeds and grassy spots. Star Punarvasu was like a large fish. The planet Mars was like a crocodile. Airavata was like a large island. Star Swati was like swan in water. The waves produced by wind for its billows. The cool moon beams for cold water. Nagas, Yakshas and Gandharvas in the skies together were like fully blossomed lotuses.

The son of wind god, the illustrious Hanuman flying in the sky as if swallowing the space, scratching the moon, seizing the sun and along with stars, and drawing the clusters of clouds.
The white and black colors , blue and yellow colors greenish red color made appearance shining brilliantly. Entering the clouds and again and again disappearing he appeared like the bright moon.

Then passing through the clouds the hero Hanuman clad in white appearing and disappearing looked like moon in the sky. Making way through the clouds again and again, disappearing and roaring like great clouds, Hanuman the delight of Vayu shone like Garuda in the skies.

The brilliant Hanuman having killed eminent Rakshasas, having made his name known , having made the city disoriented, having troubled Ravana, having tormented the terrific army , having offered salutation to Vaidehi again back in the middle of the ocean.

The hero Hanuman touched the lord of mountains from the center fondly , moved at great speed like an arrow released from a powerful bow string. Hanuman, the best of Vanaras coming a little near the Mahendra mountain which resembled mass of clouds thundered. The roar of the Vanara which is like the thundering noise of clouds, filled all the ten directions. Having sighted that place anxious to see his friends, the tiger among Vanaras roared and shook his tail in joy. Travelling the path of Suparna , the roar of the roaring Hanuman seems to split the skies.

There the powerful warriors waiting on the northern shores, waiting to see the son of wind god, then heard the roar and thundering sound of the clouds produced by sweeping motion of Hanuman thighs propelled by the speed of his movement. The Vanaras who were feeling dejected, heard the sound of Hanuman that sounded like thundering clouds. All the Vanaras hearing the sound of the one making the sound, anxious to see their friend became eager,

The best of Vanaras Jambavan delighted very happy at heart called all Vanaras and said the following words. ' This Hanuman is always successful. If he has not then his sound will not be like this'.

Hearing the sounds of speed of his arms and thighs the joyful Vanaras jumped in joy. The delighted Vanaras longing to see Hanuman jumped from one peak to another, from top of one tree to another. The Vanaras delighted jumped from the tree tops holding branches . They shook the branches like the clothes Like the wind in the mountain caves , Hanuman the powerful son of wind god roared. Seeing the approaching Hanuman who was resembling a heavy cloud , the Vanaras stood with folded hands.

There after the Vanara who resembled a mountain, descended with great speed on the peak of the Mahendra mountain full of trees. Full of immeasurable joy that Hanuman who is like a mountain with wings cut off, dropped on the bank of a mountain stream.

Then all the Vanara leaders delighted surrounded Hanuman and stood. All of them were extremely happy. All the Vanaras with happy faces brought fruits, roots and gifts for the best of Vanaras , the son of wind god, who returned unhurt. Then the great Vanara Hanuman too bowed to elders , Jambavan and other leader and also Angada. The valiant Hanuman worthy of worship having been honored and pleased revealed in brief that he saw Sita.

The holding the hand of the son of Vali, he sat down at a beautiful place in the garden on the mountain Mahendra.

Then the delighted Hanuman addressed the Vanara leaders. "I saw Sita in the Ashoka grove protected by fearsome Rakshasis. Blameless and wearing hair in a single plait, eager to see Rama , she is young emaciated due to fasting with soiled and matted hair"

Then hearing those words " saw Sita" of great meaning, and like nectar, all the Vanaras were delighted. Then some powerful Vanaras howled in delight. Some chattered. Some roared. Some others screamed. Some others echoed the roaring. Delighted some of the elephants among Vanaras lifted their tails and hit the ground with them. Other Vanaras delighted jumped down from the peaks of the mountains, touching the elephant like Hanuman.

Then Angada spoke to Hanuman with appropriate words in the middle of all Vanaras . ' Oh Vanara ! You have leaped such a wide ocean and returned. In strength and valor there is none to defeat you . What reverence for the master. what fortitude. Luckily you have seen the illustrious wife of Rama. Luckily you can remove the sorrow of Kakutstha born out of separation from Sita'.

Then the Vanaras delighted went round Angada, Hanuman and Jambavan. Then out of joy they lay down on the rocks. Then all the Vanara leaders, wanting to hear about the leap across the ocean, meeting Sita in Lanka, meeting Ravana too directly from the lips of Hanuman kept watching with folded hands. There surrounded by many Vanaras Angada was shining like Indra , the lord of gods attended by the Devas.

The mountain top graced by the famous Hanuman, Angada bedecked with armlets, seated gracefully appeared prosperous and splendid.

Thus ends Sarga fifty seventh Sarga in Sundarakanda of Ramayan the first poem ever composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki.

|| om tat sat||