||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 63|| (Summary in English)


(PS: This is a true translation of the Sanskrit epic which tends to have long descriptive sentences which are retained as they are)||om tat sat||

||om tat sat||

Sarga 63

Then the bull among Vanaras anxious seeing Dadhimukha fallen at his feet spoke these words.' Oh Hero ! Get up, get up. Why are you falling at my feet . I give you protection .You may tell everything'.

The very wise Dadhimukha thus assured by Sugriva , got up and spoke the following words.
' Oh Rajan ! In the time of Ruksharajasa or even before or in Vali's time or yours that grove (Madhuvanam) which is not accessible, was eaten by Vanaras. Even though resisted by the guards of the grove, without caring for them, they ate and drank honey. Left overs were thrown off. Similarly others were eating, When they were prevented they raised their eyebrows . When prevented from that grove, the enraged and angry Vanaras ill treated them. Oh Bull among Vanaras! Then many of the heros who were angry and with red eyes, chased away the guards. Some were hit by hands. Some were hit on their knees. They dragged them as they liked and threw them into the sky. When you are the king these heroes were hit in this way. They destroyed the Madhuvanam and devoured the honey as they liked'.

The bull among Vanaras, who was thus being informed, was asked by Lakshmana who is wise, and who is the killer of enemies. ' Oh King ! Why is this protector of forest here. Why is he sad. For what purpose he is telling'.

Thus asked by the great soul Lakshmana, Sugriva who is adept at the use of words spoke in reply to Lakshmana.

' Oh Venerable one ! Dadhimukha is saying that fruits and honey have been consumed by the Vanara heroes Angada and others, who have come after their search for Sita in the southern direction. The way the Madhuvanam is entered and destroyed, it is not done by those who have not accomplished their task. The way they the Vanaras, entered the grove they must have accomplished their task. They have seen the divine lady. Without any doubt (it is) by none other than Hanuman. In achieving this task only Hanuman has the ability because the capacity to accomplish the task, the wisdom , the effort, the strength and the enthusiasm ( to accomplish the task ) are all well established in him'.

' Where Jambavan is the leader, where the mighty Angada and Hanuman are directing, there the result has to be this only not otherwise. Angada and other leaders indeed destroyed the Madhuvanam. When prevented, they hit them on their knees. Hence the hero named Dadhimukha, a Vanara known for his valor came here to tell the sweet words'.

' Oh Mighty Saumitra ! Sita has been truly seen. See all the Vanaras having arrived drank honey ! Oh Bull among men ! Without seeing Sita, the renowned Vanaras, would not have destroyed the Madhuvanam which was granted as a boon '.

Then Lakshmana along with Raghava was delighted by the words spoken by Sugriva which were pleasing to the ears. Rama was delighted. The mighty hero Lakshmana too was delighted.

Sugriva having heard the words of Dadhimukha , again very pleased spoke to Dadhimukha, the forest protector.

' I am happy that the Madhuvanam is eaten by those who accomplished their task. The act of those who accomplished their task is excused. I along with Raghava and others want to hear from Hanuman and others who have succeeded, who have the majesty of a lion and who live on the trees'.

Sugriva the king of Vanaras , eyes filled with joy, seeing the delighted young princes, delighted at the fulfilment of the task, felt a thrill all over his body, realizing that good time has come. And he was delighted.

Thus ends the Sarga sixty three of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first poem ever composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki.

|| om tat sat||