||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 6||(Summary in English)


(PS: This is a true translation of the Sanskrit epic which tends to have long descriptive sentences which are retained as they are)||om tat sat||

Sarga 6

Hanuman who can take any form endowed with strength was sad because he was unable to see Sita, He started moving speedily among the tall mansions of Lanka again.

Then that Vanara reached the residence of the king of the Rakshasas which is enclosed by a boundary wall which is red in color and dazzling like the mid-day Sun. The best among Vanaras looked bright while observing that palace was protected by fierce Rakshasas like a forest is protected by lions. Hanuman saw colorful apartments with beautiful entrances , which were surrounded by arches inlaid with silver, decorated with gold.

Hanuman saw warriors mounted on elephants, unwearied riders of chariots with irresistible horses who looked ready for any undertaking. Covered with skins of lions and tigers, encrusted with images of ivory gold and silver with ringing bells, the chariots were always moving about. With excellent seats and vessels embellished with many precious gems ,with many places for big chariots, the place was filled with deep sounds of great charioteers. The palace was filled with many kinds of beautiful pleasing beasts and birds of different kinds in thousands. Protected by disciplined Rakshasa palace guards , the palace was full of important noble women.

The palace of the Rakshasa king with jingling sounds of ornaments and accessories of joyful women reverberated with sounds like the sounds of the sea. That palace full of eminent Rakshasas and great people endowed with royal traits looked like a great forest infested with lions. It carried various fragrances.

That palace was filled with sounds of trumpets, echoed with sounds of conches and percussion instruments. The Rakshasas performed daily worships and sacrifices on special days. With deep sounds resembling a sea , Hanuman saw the great residence of the great man with gem studded ornaments full of precious gems.

Hanuman thought that palace bright in appearance and full of elephants horses and chariots is the very jewel of Lanka. Then Hanuman moved closer to Ravana's palace,

Hanuman moved about unobtrusively from house to house observing the gardens and the mansions . Courageous and quick Hanuman sprang from Prahasta's house to Mahaparsva's house then jumped to other houses. Then the great Vanara moved from Kumbhakarna's house resembling a great cloud to Vibhishana's house. The great Vanara jumped from Mahodara's to Virupaksha, and jumped like that from Vidyujjihva to Vidyumala and then to Vajradamshtra's mansion. The powerful Vanara then went by the houses of Suka , intelligent Sarana and similarly Indrajit. The best of Vanara's then jumped from Jambumali's to Sumali's mansion. Similarly that great Vanara jumped from Rasmiketu's to SuryaSatru, and then to Vajrakaya's mansion. Then the great Vanara jumped over the houses of Dhumraksha, Sampati, Vidyudrupa, Bhima, Ghana, Vighana. Similarly he jumped over the houses of the Rakshasas Sukanasa, Vakra, Vikata, Brahmakarna, Damshtra, Romasa palaces. Then he jumped over the houses of Yuddhonmatta, Matta, Dhvajagriva, Nadina, Vidyujjihva, Indrajihva similarly Hastimukha. Similarly Hanuman jumped over the houses of Karala, Pisacha, and Sonitaksha in an orderly manner as he advanced. The great Vanara saw the wealth of the wealthy in their mansions.

That Vanara rich in capabilities passing all the mansions reached the residence of the King of Rakshasas. The best of Vanara's, Hanuman wandering about Ravana's palace saw Rakshasas with hideous eyes carrying tridents and hammers, as well as powerful javelins and iron cudgels as arms. At that home of the King of Rakshasas Hanuman saw different army troops of Rakshasas ready with different kinds of weapons. He saw well bred horses of red white and cream colors which can travel fast. He saw good looking elephants not inferior to enemy's which are well trained and equal to Iravat in battle, which were unassailable in the battle and which were shedding rut resembling thundering clouds pouring out on the mountains. In Ravana's house he saw thousands of troops bedecked with gold , fully protected with armor of gold shining like the rays of the Sun. The great Vanara who is the son of Vayu the wind god, saw in the palace of the King of Rakshasas different types of palanquins, sporting chambers, hillocks made of wood, charming houses for love making, chambers for the day time activities also. Comparable to mount Mandara, it was full of Peacocks. It was full of flag posts. It was built by skilled craftsman with great care,resembling the house of the Lord of all creatures. He saw a magnificent mansion which was full of gems and treasure troves.

That palace though full of gems with wonderful hues, shone with the brilliance of Ravana like the Sun god with his rays of sunshine. The great Vanara saw there beds, seats and main vessels made of gold.
Hanuman saw spacious very delightful palace like that of Kubera drenched with liquor and other drinks with gem encrusted vessels scattered all over. Hanuman entered the house which was resonating with sounds of golden anklets of women and drums. which had rows of mansions with lofty palaces and well laid apartments full of exquisite women.

|| Thus ends the sixth Sarga of Sundarakanda in Ramayana, the first ever poem of mankind composed by Maharshi Valmiki.||

||om tat sat||







|| Om tat sat ||