||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 6||(Summary in English)


(PS: This is a true translation of the Sanskrit epic which tends to have long descriptive sentences which are retained as they are)||om tat sat||

Sarga 7

The mighty Hanuman saw the group of mansions, having golden lattices encrusted with Vaidurya and with flocks of birds, looking like a group of clouds with streaks of lightning in the rainy season. There Hanuman saw several places for storing valuable conches, weapons and bows among those mansions, again he saw delightful and spacious terraces open to the skies on top of those houses. The houses were having different kinds of treasures cherished even by gods. The treasures were without blemishes and were won by Ravana with his own might.

Built with great care and effort, the excellent mansions of the king of Lanka looked like the mansions built by Maya ( the divine architect) himself. Hanuman saw the excellent palace of the king of Rakshasas. It was beautiful with the the splendor of gold . It was matchless and worthy of his own might. That palace was appearing like a towering cloud. Glittering with riches that mansion was like heaven scattered on the earth. That mansion looked like a mountain top covered with flowers of all kinds of trees.

That royal aerial chariot auspicious and worthy of worship was filled with resplendent women. It was like the rain clouds lit with lightning. It was as if drawn by swans in the sky. That best of aerial chariots was colorful on account of gems encrusted. It was like a mountain peak which was colorful because of many the minerals embedded in the mountain. It was like a mass of colorful clouds. It was like the sky which was looking colorful with planets and Moon.

The earth was drawn filled with mountain ranges. The mountains were drawn with canopy of trees, the trees were drawn filled with lovely flowers. The flowers were drawn filled with petals and filaments. The mansions were drawn in white color. The ponds were drawn with flowers. The flowers were drawn again with petals. Paintings of complete gardens were drawn.

The great Vanara saw a aerial car going by the name of Pushpaka. That aerial car was glowing with the glitter of gems. That aerial was taller than the magnificent mansions.

The birds were made of Vaiduryas. Similarly the birds were made of silver and corals. Colorful serpents were made with gems. Well bred horses with auspicious limbs were drawn. Birds having beautiful wings, with wings engraved in corals and gold, with artificial wings sportively bent were drawn. The birds (wings) were as if they were wings of the cupid, the god of love.

Goddess Lakshmi in lotus pond having beautiful hands holding lotus in her hands along with filaments was seen. Elephants carrying blue lotuses with their trunks as offerings to the Goddess were seen too.

Thus Hanuman reached the auspicious and beautiful palace appearing like a mountain and was wonder struck. Again he saw the palace as a mountain in spring time with beautiful caves filled with wonderful fragrance.

Then that Hanuman having reached and going about that city ruled by the ten headed king in search of Sita was deeply grieved not being able to see the venerable daughter of Janaka. Then being unable to see Sita with many thoughts on his mind the accomplished Hanuman who always follows right path became very agitated.

Thus ends the seventh Sarga of Sundarakanda in Ramayana, the first ever poem of mankind composed by Maharshi Valmiki.||

|| Om tat sat ||