||Sundarakanda Slokas with Prose order & meanings||

Sundarakanda Slokas with Prose order

We have earlier presented Sundarakanda Slokas in full for all the sixty eight Sargas. This is probably useful for people who want to read Sundarakanda as Parayana.

Now we are moving ahead with prose order for all Sundarakanda slokas. This is more for students studying Sundarakanda. This will happen over next few months. We are starting this page with the slokas of Sarga 1

We will also have translation into English.

The Sanskrit Sloka prose order is being presented in three other language scripts apart from Devanagari. These are Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati. As noted elsewhere our Gujarati versions have not gone through a secondary proof reading.

For this presentation we followed the version of Sundarakanda brought out by Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyalaya of Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh , India

As the adage goes "May Lord Rama bring peace and happiness to all those who read Sundarakanda" .

|| Om tat sat ||