|| Sarga 40 ||

|| Tattva Dipika ||

|| om tat sat||

Sarga 40

Sarga 40
कृतार्थः मनसा जगाम'

Having taken the Chudamani Hanuma was delighted, and
"हृदयेन गतो रामं (38.70)
he reached Rama in his heart.

Hanuman was set to leave.
But Sita is not yet done with.
She is full of thoughts that needed answers.

Hanuman clears all her doubts and tells her,
रामाद्विशिष्ठः कोऽन्योऽस्ति
कश्चित् सौमित्रिणा समः ।
"Who is better than Rama and
who is an equal for Lakshmana?"
अग्निमारुतकल्पौ तौ भ्रातरौ तव संश्रयौ॥39-53||

"Both the brothers are like fire and wind.
They are your refuge"

Speaking thus Hanuma creates an aura of assurance,
and he provides a moment of peace
for that sorrowing Sita.
That changes Sita's mood.

Thus, fortieth Sarga starts with Sita in a happy mood.
Sita is pleased with Hanuma's assurances and says
"Oh Vanara! Just as earth feels happy
when half grown paddy receives rain,
I feel happy after seeing you.

The poet uses a simile of grains or half-grown paddy.
Grain is a truth that is in lockstep with our ancestor's life cycle.
To bring out the truth of life and death,
Nachiketa in Kathopanishad uses the same simile.
"सस्यमिव मर्त्यः पच्यते
सस्यमिव अजायते पुनः"
"like a grain a man decays and is born again like a grain".
Here Sita use the comparison with a half-grown paddy.

When the half-grown grain is in dire need of water,
the first fall of rain makes it alive.
She was in dire straits, thinking of death.
The appearance and assurances of Hanuma changed all that.
Sita says she feels like she received life again.

With fresh life come fresh thoughts fresh wishes.

Sita now recounts her wishes.

Oh Hanuman! Kindly act in such a manner that I,
the passionate lady emaciated with suffering,
can touch the tiger among men with my limbs '.

"Oh, Best leader of Vanaras!
Give Rama the token of remembrance,
where the blade of grass released in anger blinded the crow's one eye".

Sita reminds Hanuma about one more remembrance.
'remind Rama of the incident,
when Tilaka got erased he painted a Tilaka with grindstone nearby!'

She gives one more message
' Oh, sinless one! This wonderful Chudamani has been safeguarded by me.
In distress seeing this jewel I was happy as though I was seeing you.
Oh, Glorious one! Returning this jewel which is born out of sea,
it is not possible for me to live engrossed in this sorrow '.

Even as she is talking her grief overflows again.
'For your sake, I am tolerating this unbearable grief,
the dreadful heart piercing uttering of these dreadful Rakshasas.
Oh, subduer of enemies!
I am bearing this life for one month.
Without you I will not live after this month.
The king of Rakshasa is dreadful.
His look at me is immoral.
I do not wish to live even for a moment
after hearing the adversities, you may face'.

Having heard pitiable words spoken by Vaidehi, with tears,
Hanuman then spoke again.
"त्वच्छोकविमुखो रामो देवि सत्येन ते शपे।"
" Oh Devi! Out of grief Rama is averse to everything.
I swear by the truth.
With Rama in deep sorrow,
Lakshmana too is immersed in sorrow.
Hanuma insists that this is not the time for sorrow.
He again reminds Sita about the powers of Rama and Lakshmana.
"Rama and Lakshmana, the two tigers among men,
desirous of seeing you, will reduce Lanka to ashes"
Hanuma asks for one more remembrance that will make Rama happy.

Sita said, 'I have given the best remembrance.
Oh, Valiant Hanuman seeing this jewel for my hair
Rama will be attentive to all your words'.

The illustrious Vanara held the ornament and bowing his head
offered salutations and got ready to depart.

The daughter of Janaka seeing
the eager to leap, quickly growing Hanuman,
spoke with eyes filled with tears.

' Hanuman convey my well-being to the brothers Rama and Lakshmana.
Convey also to Sugriva along with his ministers too.
You can make efforts to ensure,
the mighty Raghava help me in crossing this ocean of sorrows.
Best of Vanaras! after reaching Rama tell him about this intense sorrow.
Tell him about the threats of the Rakshasas.
May your journey be happy'.

"कपिः कृतार्थः"
Having accomplished the task, and delighted at heart,
the Vanara understood the message of the princess.
Considering the small task left over Hanuma mentally reached the northern shores.
"दिशं ह्युदीचं मनसा जगाम"

That is what we see in the fortieth Sarga.

||om tat sat||
|| This is what we understood from Tattva Dipika of Shri Bhashyam, Appalacharyulu garu"||
|| om tat sat||