Welcome to Kasarabada.org

April 23 , 2016 !!

Welcome to kasarabafda.org !

Traditionally the week after Ugadi has been the week we look at the statistics of kasarabada.org visitors. It is just plain curiosity about who is using the content being loaded on kasarabada.org. The exercise is also fun too as it lets us feel happy that there are people out there looking for things that is being put forth !!

We are grateful to the many readers .

Now let us reel off the statistics based on last 30 days data ( courtesy of Google)

kasarabada.org has visitors from 48 countries and 302 cities all over the world in the last 30 days span.

There are 1449 visitors sessions with 1042 unique visitors in that 30 days period. The number of pages viewed during this period are 4060 pages .

Average number of visitors to the site are 31 per day . The highest number of visitors on a day during this period is 115 visitors. That was on April 15. Next highest is 92 visitors on one day. The third highest is 72 and the fourth highest 61 visitors.

The top five countries in terms of no of visits are
India (779 visits)
USA (416 visits)
UAE ( 55 visits)
Malaysia (40 visits) and
UK(30 visits)

The top five countries in terms of average no of pages seen in a session are
New Zealand (33.6 pages per visit)
Malaysia (7.4 pages per visit)
South Africa (6.5 pages per visit)
followed by Indonesia and Hong Kong.
USA is 7th with 2.78 pages per visit and
India is the 9 th with 2.63 pages per visit.

These are average figures. Total number of pages accessed from USA and India will be very large since the number of visits are very large ( relatively). New Zealand has only 4 visits. Malaysia has only 40 visits.

The top five countries in terms of average time spent per visit are
New Zealand ( 54 minutes per visit) ,
South Africa (18.36 minutes per visit) ,
Indonesia (12.29 minutes per visit) ,
Malaysia (10 minutes per visit ),
Mexico ( 8.35 minutes per visit)

USA is 7th 3.16 minutes ; India is 9th with 2.56 minutes per visit)

In terms of cities accessing the kasarabada.org , the largest number of 302 cities come from USA and India.
USA has 151 cities accessing kasarabada.org
India has 65 cities accessing kasarabada.org.

The top 5 cities accessing most pages per visits are
Auckland - 41.75 pages per visit
Cypress - 37.50 pages per visit
Silver springs 14.67 pages per visit
Cape town 12.00 pages per visit
Orion charter township 9.50 pages per visit
The top 5 cities with most time spent per visit are
Cypress ( 1.11.52 hours)
Auckland ( 1.07.33 hours)
Cape town( 37.12 minutes)
Kalyan(16.21minutes ) and
Austin (15.28 minutes )

The top 10 cities with number of visits are
Hyderabad 185 visits
Bangalore 142 visits
New Delhi 104 visits
Chennai 71 visits
Dubai 52 visits
Sunnyvale 50 visits
Mumbai 44 visits
Kuala Lumpur 32 visits
Calcutta 27 visits
New York 24 visits

75% of Visitors in India are new( for that 30 day period)
60% of Visitors in USA are new
12.5 % visitors in Malaysia are new
It only means the rest of the visitors are repeat users.

Well like we said every time, these are random visitors and 99% are random visitors who will never know who the kasarabada is .They land on the web site etc site through some Google query. Of course there are 20% visitors who are probably continuing repeat visitors

We are truly grateful for that person in Auckland who went through the 55 pages per session or the person in Cypress who spent 1 hour 11 minutes per session !!I. We have no doubt that we have to work on improving the quality of kasarabada.org. Our aim would be to continue to work on improving the quality in this year .

This week we have added the Bhagavadgita 10th Chapter Viibhuti Yoga under Bhagavadgita pages. Which means we have crossed the midway point of Bhagavadgita.

This weeks issue also covers Sundarakanda slokas of Sarga 51 to Sarga 57.

We also have a new announcement on our Trust pages.

That is about four scholarships offered through Athato Foundation at the Gayathri Vidya Parishad(GVP) Engineering college in Visakhapatnam in AP( India).

Happy reading


||om tat sat||

What is on the Kasarabada.org?

For the new visitors - the site has a layered structure with with Four main pages :

- Ramayanam which includes (i) Sundarakanda, (ii) Role models of Ramayana, (iii) Vijayraghavrao gari Telugu Sundarakanda (iv) Balakanda

- Bhagavatam which includes (i) Dasama Skandha and (ii) Uddhava Gita

Athato Brahma jignyasaa which includes (i) Kathopanishad and (ii) Tatvabhodha

One more thing is a page where we have articles which could be on anything , informative and educative handled with a light heart and a touch of contemporary realities.

These pages list all contents of those segments !

In effect to have a look at what is available from the earlier issues you only need to visit the four pages of Ramayanam , Bhagavatam , one more thing. and Athato Brahma Jignyasaa. Each page of these banner pages carry the list of all earlier articles .

Om Tat Sat ( info@kasarabada.org)



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