Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam

Balakanda Sarga 62

Story of Sunahsepha- 2 !!

|| om tat sat ||

शुनश्शेफं नरश्रेष्ठ गृहीत्वा तु महायशाः ।
व्यश्राम्यत् पुष्करे राजा मध्याह्ने रघुनंदन ॥

'Oh Raghunandana ! Oh the best men ! That king with great fame taking Sunassepha with him halted at Pushkara around noon time'

Sixty Second Sarga

The sage Satananda continued his narration >

'Oh Raghunandana ! Oh Best men ! That king Ambarisha with great fame while taking along Sunassepha with him, halted at Pushkara around noon time. While Ambarisha was resting, Sunassepha saw his uncle the venerable sage Viswamitra doing penance along with other Rishi at Pushkara. Tired, restless and thirsty he fell into the lap of that sage and spoke to him as follows.

Sunassepha said , "I have no mother or father and even relatives or known people anywhere. Oh Kind one ! Best of Seers ! rightfully you can save me. Oh best of seers you are the saviour for all. You protect all. Let the kings sacrifice be done without obstacles. I want a long life. I should perform best of penance and attain heaven. With great heart only you can make these happen for me . Oh ! Great one ! You can save me from this calamity like a father saves his children."

The great Tapasvi, Viswamitra, having heard his plea and consoling him spoke to his children. "The parents bear children so that they are blessed with all good things in this world and in the other world too ! Now that time has come to test that . This ascetic boy is asking for my protection. Oh dear sons ! to protect his life I hope you can do the needful. All of you have have done good deeds and followed the righteous path. On of you become the sacrificial animal of the King and satisfy the Lord of Fire. Then Sunassepha will be saved. The Devas will be satisfied. The sacrifice will be completed without obstacles. You would have kept my word".

'Oh Best of men ! Madhushyanda and other sons having heard the sages words were offended and spoke to him as follows ridiculing the sage".

His sons spoke:

"Oh Dear Lord ! Sacrificing you own son to save somebody else's son is unworkable like having dogs meat in the meal !" Hearing those words of his sons with his eyes turned red with anger, the sage spoke as follows. "Disregarding my words and speaking with disrespect is horrible and hair raising. It is against the righteous path. Like the sons of Vasishta, all of you will live thousand years eating the dogs meat living on this earth".

That best among sages having thus cursed his sons, provided protection for the sorrowful Sunassepha. Then he spoke to Sunahsepha as follows. "Being tied to the Yupa stambha with auspicious ropes and decorated with garlands of red flowers , you will praise the Lord of Fire with your words. Oh Son of a sage ! In the sacrifice of Ambarisha, you must sing these two divine songs. Then you will achieve your goal"..

Then Sunassepha learnt those two divine mantras quickly. Then he approached Ambarisha the lion among Kings and spoke as follows. "Oh Rajasimha ! Great powerful man ! Let us go to the council quickly and get set for performing the sacrifice".

Hearing those words of Sunassepha, the delighted King went immediately to the sacrificial hall. The king then with the approval of the council members had Sunassepha decorated as the sacrificial animal with garlands of red flowers and tied him to the sacrificial pillar. Thus tied the Sunassepha sang in praise of Indra and his brother Agni'.

'Oh Raghava ! pleased with the secret prayer sung by Sunassepha Indra granted long life to him. Oh Rama ! Then the king was rewarded with fruits of the sacrifice by Indra in many ways. Oh Best of men ! the righteous Viswamitra then continued his penance for another ten thousand years'.

||Thus ends the sixty second Sarga of Balakanda in the Valmiki Ramayana ||
||Om tat sat ||

विश्वामित्रोsपि धर्मात्मा भूयस्तेपे महातपाः ।
पुष्करेषु नरश्रेष्ठ दस वर्ष शतानि च ॥

'Oh Best of men ! the righteous Viswamitra then performed penance for another ten thousand years'.

||om tat sat ||

|| Om tat sat ||