Srimad Valmiki Ramayanam


Chapter 6 ... Dasaratha !!

With Sanskrit text in Devanagari , Telugu and Kannada

तस्यां पुर्यां अयोध्यायां वेदवित् सर्वसंग्रहः ।
दीर्घदर्शी महातेजाः पौरजानपद प्रियः ॥

Chapter 6

With Ayodhya as the capital King Dasaratha ruled over the kingdom of Kosala. The King Dasaratha is well versed in all Vedas , and is farsighted . He has great prowess and brings happiness to people of Ayodhya as well as the whole kingdom. He is a great Chariot warrior and performs Yagnyas as per the prescribed methods. He follows the path of virtue and also keeps all under control. He is equal to a great Rishi . Nay in fact he is a Raja Rishi !. He is well known in all the three worlds. He can destroy the enemies . He has a firm control of all his faculties. He has great friends. In wealth he is equal to Indra or Kubera. Protecting his all subjects he ruled the kingdom like the Manus of Vaivasvata line in the olden days.

Wedded to truth, following his duties and engaged in the threefold pursuit of religious merit , wealth and sense enjoyment, the king Dasaratha was ruling in Ayodhya much like Indra ruled in Amaravati.

In that Ayodhya ,the best of cities, the people lived with happiness. They were virtuous people. They have learnt the sacred lore. They are happy with the wealth earned through hard work . The people were also wedded to truth.

In that great city there is no one who is not having wealth , or the wealth of cows or the riches of grains or money. They use the wealth properly following the virtuous path. There is no one in that city who is subdued by desires , or who is greedy , or who is cruel . There is no one in that city who is without education or who is a non-believer.

The men and women in that city are adept at following the path of virtue. They have firm control of their sense organs. They have faultless character and have wealth of good principles. They have the disposition of great Rishis. There is none in that city who does not wear ear rigs or wear a headgear , or who does not enjoy the wealth of his position, or who has not taken ritual bath or who has not enjoyed the sandal paste scents.

There is none in that city who is hungry , or who does not welcome guests and those who drop-in, or who does not give away easily. In that city there is no one not wearing the ornaments on the hands or the neck. There is also no one who does not have a clear conscience. There is none in that city who has not performed the rites of fire or who has not performed sacrifices, or who does not have enough wealth. There are no thieves or those who breaks the system of four orders in that city.

The Brahmins in that city are adept in their assigned duties. They have conquered the sense organs and are used to giving . By nature they are into meditation and study of Vedas. They are not interested in receiving gifts. In that city there are no disbelievers, or people who speak untruth , or people who have not understood the Sastras or people imbued with jealousy , or people who are incapable, or uneducated. In that city there are none who do not know the branches of Vedas, or those who do not perform austerities, or those who have not given innumerable gifts or those with disturbed minds or an afflicted man or a miserable man.

Among all men and women there is no one who is devoid of splendor, or devoid of looks or not having the loyalty for the king. All the people of the four orders worship the gods and guests . They are grateful , generous heroic and powerful. All the persons follow truth and virtuous activity and hence have long life living with wives sons and grand children. The warriors respect Brahmanas. The Vaishyas follow the warriors. The Sudras performing their own duty serving all the three communities.

The king Dasaratha of the Ikswaku lineage thus ruled that city , almost like the Manu the ruler of mankind ruled in the earlier times.

The warriors of Ayodhya are like fire in their prowess. They do not have crookedness. They cannot take insults and they are experts in all kinds of warfare. Filled with such warriors the city of Ayodhya was like the cave guarded by a lions. The city is full of horses from the land of Kambhojas , Baahlika , the land of Vanaayu, the land of rivers etc. The city is also filled with elephants from the mountain ranges of Vindhyas, and Himalayas. The city was full of elephants which are strong , and mighty as mountains. There are elephants belonging to races of Iravata, Mahapadma, Anjana, and Vamana.

The city was full of elephants belonging to Bhadra, Mandra and Mriga species and knows as Bhadra , Mandra and Mriga as well as the cross breeds Bhadra mandra. Bhadra mriga and Mandra mriga . They are also full of cross breeds of all there Bhadra mandra and mriga.

The city ruled by the king is extended two Yojanas beyond the city limits. The city whose name is appropriate because it cannot be defeated , is ruled by the King Dasaratha.

Dasaratha , the best of Kings, having the most splendor rules making enemies powerless much like moon makes the stars look dimmed by his own brilliance.

The city has doors that are strong and appropriate to the name of the city. The city which has houses of various designs was thus shining brilliantly . That city full with thousands of people was ruled by Dasaratha much like Indra ruling over Amaravati

Thus ends chapter 6 of Balakanda in Srimad Ramayanam

|| Om tat sat ||

तां सत्यनामां दृढतोरणार्गळां
गृहैः विचित्रैः उपशोभितां शिवाम् ।
पुरीं अयोध्यां नृसहस्रसंकुलां
शशास वै शक्रसमो महीपतिः ॥

||om tat Sat ||

|| om tat sat ||