Bhagavadgita !

Chapter 3

Karma Yoga for all !

|| Om tat sat ||

Karma yoga - For Whom?
Some say "He is just talking philosophy" .
Meaning there by that he is far away from reality !
Philosophy and in Indian context Vedanta is seen as something different .
Some thing related to spiritual thinking,
which is too abstract and too difficult.
The spiritual thinking conjures up images of
swamis sitting cross legged in Padmaasana,
Holding their breath etc making it sound like an impossible task .
Moksha or liberation is possible for only people doing penance.
When spiritual thinking itself is hurdle, the issue of Moksha does not arise.

These are the images that flash !

Krishna tells in Bhagavdgita that all those thoughts are wrong !
The Karma Yoga is for people fully absorbed in worldly affairs.
They may be too busy in the worldly affairs.
The wheels of the vehicle may keep turning
But the axle remains steady
Likewise a man may be busy in worldly affairs
But he too can keep his mind steady
That makes it possible for one to meditate.
Krishna says do your actions ,
But do them as though it is as per Gods grace
And not be tied down by the vagaries of the results
Then even those locked in worldly affairs
Attain an inner peace which is Moksha.
That is the gist of Krishna's words
That is the burden of the song that is Bhagavadgita
That is Karma Yoga.

In that sense Karmayoga shows the way for
the family man and the man of the world .

What ever work we do we have to do it with determination.
That in any case is the common wisdom
That is known and accepted.
Krishna tells how to do that work

"योगस्थः कुरु कर्माणि
" Keep the mind in that state of Yoga and do it"
Meaning keep your mind in a state,
which is not focussed on the results
Which is ready to face the happiness or sorrow
flowing from that action !
One may say that
It would be difficult not to think about results.
True. Not think about results means
that we proceed with the action,
being ready to face the result with an equanimity
and ready for the next action !.

Many a time we hear the line in Gita
"सुखदुःखे समे कृत्वा"
"sukha duhkhē samē krutvā"

In a more colloquial way
Doing a work without thinking of rewards.
But still doing it the way it is to be done
Doing it as his duty.
That is how the work or action is to be performed
That gives rise to a excitement in doing that work
That gives rise to a happiness internally.
A happiness free from tension.

The action done with that spirit,-
That is Nishkama karma !
We know the benefits of Nishkama karma
When you do a job without consideration for the gains
Then you are free from fear
Impediments in doing that also disappear.
Because the act is being performed without a selfish motive
People appear from nowhere to help remove the obstacles.
All because of your selfless action.

There is one more important point
made by Krishna !!.

What are the obstacles for doing Nishkama karma
There is only one
"काम एष" That is that selfish desire ( 3:37)
The selfish desires are the biggest impediments or enemies
Krishna calls the enemies as "महाशनो" "महा पाप्मा".
They are to be destroyed.

In the end Krishna says ;
" जहि शत्रुं महाबाहो"
Oh Arjuna ! Kill that enemy ! .
That is what Karma Yoga tells us
Kill that enemy called desire and do your duty.

That is Karma Yoga
That is for people like us !
No need for a highly complex philosophy !

॥ओम् तत् सत्॥

|| om tat sat ||