Srimad Bhagavatam - Dasama Skandha

Rukmini Kalyanam !

Marriage of Rukmini

With Sanskrit text in Telugu , Kannada and Devanagari,

Dasama Skandham - in Bhagavatam :

In these pages we have brought together the Dasama Skandha of Srimad Mahabhagavatam . For many the Dasama Skandha represents the heart of Bhagavatam relating the complete story of Krishna from his birth to the pinnacle. It is the story of Krishna Avatara. The withdrawal of Krishna avatara happens in the eleventh book ! The chapter wise links are available on this page . The listed chapters include all but one Chapter, namely Chapter 87, of Dasama Skandha.!!

A linked summary of Dasama Skandha is also made available


Rukmini kalyanam

Rukmini kalyanam is not just about the marriage itself , it has to cover all events related to and leading up to the marriage. It is the complete story of Rukmini.

Thus the story of Rukmini is spread over four chapters of Dasama Skandha . Three chapters cover all events leading up to and culmination of marriage . The fourth is about how Krishna made removing ego as an important point even for the most loved one. Not withstanding the harsh nature of Krishna's dialog as he set about humbling Rukmini , Rukmini's reply is probably most enchanting - we must admit that we do not have the right word - nevertheless it is some thing that is to be read .

The main story covered in three chapters is Rukmini's message,abduction of Rukmini and then the marriage. Fourth chapter added here is about humbling of Rukmini.

||om tat sat ||

|| om tat sat ||