One more thing ! ......

Such a Simple Message !

We have a firm mental picture that the conversations about self, realization, Advaita are too complex and esoteric !!.

The original texts being in Sanskrit adds to the mystery of the topic itself.

It is in that context we see the dialog of Krishna and Uddhava in Uddhava Gita!!

The dialog of Krishna and Uddhava, specifically the queries of Uddhava in chapter two are very simple and down to earth !

Krishna speaks of one being free from Maya, controlling senses, merits and demerits etc and the methods of realization. And he recommends to Uddhava a path of renunciation.

Uddhava response was really down to earth.

"I consider the renunciation as difficult for people involved in worldly affairs!"

Then in response come two statements from Krishna.

The first one is

" Very often in the world, men who have truly discerned the truth about universe " deliver themselves" from evil inclinations " through their own exertions "

It is not about having to follow an idol, or performing pujas to a God who would help us out. It is not even about walking up the Hill so that the God on the Hill would help us out of our troubles. (One may still do that because we are not strong enough to believe in ourselves, and that is perfectly OK.)

It says, " Deliver themselves" and " through their own exertions "

Ultimately Krishna is saying, "hey you can better yourself" or "deliver" yourself through your own exertions.

This is a line that is easily understandable. It is simple like the Buddha's realization.

Then comes the next thought – again from Krishna!

" The self alone is the teacher of all beings, and specially of men (human beings) because of direct perception and inference"

This is again unexceptionable!

Firstly it again put the individual in charge of himself. No dependence.

It is ultimately the self-living inside us which teaches us everything – It is about our conscience ! It is our teacher. But only when it is able dissociate itself from the event or from the dualities.

Both statements are simple and straight

No need for reading Kathopanishad or Brihadaranyaka Upanishad ! or Brahma Sutras !

Life's truth is that simple and that is also there in the scriptures !!!

om tat sat