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Notes on Bhakthi & Self surrender

As part of Uddhava Gita , Krishna explains the Bhakti Yoga.

For lots of people Bhakti may mean continuous Japa/Puja or Bhajan.

The elaboration on Bhakti by Krishna in his dialog with Uddhava is in a way illuminating.

The forms of devotion detailed include "sweeping plastering watering .." , "construction of gardens orchards, playgrounds" for public use !!.

Specifically Krishna says :

" ... endeavor to construct gardens, orchards, play grounds, compound walls and temples dedicated to me single handedly or jointly;”

“Taking care of my temples without deceit, taking care of my temples through service like sweeping , plastering ,watering, and drawing sacred designs”

Virtually any form of service we may provide to community forms part of Bhakti tradition.

One form of Bhakti is "taking care of my temples without deceit" . Apparently such misuse has been foreseen many ages ago too!!!

Lord Krishna as part of the discourse has declared Bhakti as the best form of devotion to achieve the goals of life.

.Among all these Krishna says "what is dear to oneself should be offered to Me . That offering produces infinite results"

Ages ago the discovery was made that the most difficult thing to part with is the "one dearest to oneself". Parting with that one thing is taken as the litmus test of surrender to God !!

No wonder offering hair at the feet of Lord of the Seven Hills is the token of surrender . Hair after all is the dearest to all and parting with that is the ultimate sacrifice !!

om tat sat !