One more thing !

A green message from Bhagavatam :

One day Krishna along with his friends went from Vrindavan to the forest, herding cows. Under intense heat of summer, the trees provided a virtual umbrella. Krishna, very much in tune with nature, while observing the trees, addressed his friends - “Hey Stoka Krishna, Sudaama, Subala... just see! These trees live only for the benefit of others - they bear the wind, rain, heat of the sun and snow, and protect us!!

“... Oh Friends, see the superior birth of these trees. They provide support for all living creatures. Indeed they are like a great personality from whom those who are asking for something certainly not go away disappointed. They award desirable things by their leaves, flowers, fruits, shade, roots, bark, and wood and also with their fragrance, sap, ashes, pulp, and young shoots. For every living being in this world, to act practically with his life, wealth and intelligence for the eternal good fortune of others, that indeed is a perfect birth”.