SriRama Pattabhisheka Ghatta !

IIశ్రీరామ పట్టాభిషేక ఘట్టం II

II श्रीराम पट्टाभिषेक घट्टं II

    SriRama Pattabhisheka Ghatta
  • from Yuddhakanda


SriRamapattabhishekam is the last act of Ramayana ( excluding the Uttara kanda ). After Ravana vadha , Srirama along with Sita and Lakshmana return to Ayodhya . And the coronation of SriRama is performed.

In the context of Sundarakanda Parayana, a reading of Rama Pattabhisheka Ghatta is almost treated as mandatory. In fact most books of Sundarakanda carry part of that Pattabhisheka Sarga.

So at the request of some of our friends we are adding Pattabhisheka Ghatta in this page Here we are reproducing the Slokas from Rama Pattabhisheka Ghatta as per the Gita press version. SriRama Pattabhisheka happens at the end of the Yuddhakanda.

Pattabhisheka Ghatta slokas are reproduced in Devanagari, Telugu and Kannada

This goes along with our Sankshipta Sundarakanda which is available as a down load.

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