SriRama Jananam !

Birth of Rama !!

II श्रीराम जनन घट्टं II

Sri Rama jananam or Birth of Sri Rama

Birth of SriRama is detailed in Sarga 18 of Balakanda in Valmiki Ramayanam. For most people Sarga 18 is a Paryana sarga.

We have Sarga 18 with Sanskrit slokas in Devanagari and Kannada and Telugu scripts and English translation. We also have 18 Sarga slokas and their meaning in Telugu . We will be adding in due course a Sanskrit prose order making it a Sanskrit slokas with elaboration in Sanskrit itself.

The time of birth of Rama detailed with the postion of the various planets as well as the star he was born under giving rise to the birth charts being presented by some publishers ! We have not done any research in this area for confirmation. But it is a matter of record that some historians of west as well as east used such information about planet alignments to fix the dates of Vedas.

While Sarga 18 is the Sarga where the birth of Rama is detailed, the seeds of Rama's birth were sown in the earlier Sarg16 , where in the Yaga Purusha appears out of the Homakund and presents a vessel containing the Payasam which Dasaratha receives and distributes to his three wives Kausalya , Kaikeyi and Sumitra. The Sarga 17 is about the various Devas appearing in the form of Vanaras to assist Vishnu who is appearing in the form of Rama. Sarga 15 is about Devas imploring Vishnu to destroy Ravana who has become a menace. Vishnu conveying that he will be born as the son of Dasaratha to kill Ravana.

In the interest of completeness we are presenting Sarga 18 as well as the other three Sargas 15,16 and 17 for the reading pleasure.

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