||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 14||(Summary in English)

Sanskrit Sloka text in Devanagari, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu , and English

||om tat sat||
समुहूर्तमिव ध्यात्वा मनसा चाधिगम्यताम्।
अवप्लुतो महातेजाः प्राकारं तस्य वेश्मनः॥1||
स॥ सः महातेजः मुहूर्तमिव ध्यात्वा मनसा तां (सीतां) अधिगम्य तस्य वेश्मनः प्राकारं अवप्लुतः॥
That mighty Hanuman lost in thought reached Sita in his mind for a moment as he jumped down onto the boundary wall of the palace.

Sarga 14

That mighty Hanuman lost in thoughts reached Sita in his mind for a moment as he jumped down onto the boundary wall of the palace in search of Sita.

From the boundary wall Hanuman who has contracted his form to enter Lanka saw blossoms on top of several trees as in spring time. He saw variety of trees like Salas, Ashokas, Bhavyaas, blossoming Champakas, Uddalakas Naaga trees, and Mangoes with the color of the monkeys snout! Then Hanuman penetrated the clusters of trees filled with mango groves and over grown with hundreds of creepers like an arrow released from a bow !

That Hanuman having entered saw Ashoka grove surrounded by silvery and golden trees made wonderful by the sounds of birds. The Vanara, Hanuman, saw the Ashoka grove with wonderful birds, groups of deer, wonderful thickets looking like rising Sun. Inhabited by intoxicated cuckoos and ever delighting bees, the trees were having abundant flowers and fruits. Ashoka grove was pleasing to the people, with herds of animals and flocks of birds, flocks of proud peacocks, flocks of different birds.

The Vanara moving in search of Sita, the blameless princess born in a noble family, awakened the birds which were sleeping happily. Hit by the wings of the flying flocks of birds the trees showered flowers of many different colors. In the middle of the Ashoka grove, Hanuman the son of wind god covered with variety of flowers shone like a mountain covered with flowers.

Seeing Hanuman running around covered with variety of flowers shed by the trees , all the living being thought he was spring personified. The earth covered with flowers fallen from the trees shown like a young woman fully bedecked. Shaken by the Hanuman of great speed the trees shed variety of colorful flowers.

The trees with top branches of shorn of flowers and fruits appeared like gamblers who lost their clothes and ornaments in gambling. Shaken by the speedy Hanuman, the best of trees with flowers fruits shed flowers and fruits. All those trees deserted by the flocks of birds and looking bare appeared like trees resting on their trunks unable to move. The Ashoka grove crushed by Hanuman's tail and hands appeared like a woman disheveled hair with her vermillion mark effaced, her bright teeth and lips looking faded being kissed and wounded with nails and bitten with teeth. The Vanara shook the huge clusters of creepers hanging with tremendous winds like the winds scattering the clusters of clouds on the Vindhyas.

Moving about there the Vanara saw beautiful floors paved with gems, gold and silver.

Here and there he saw tanks fully filled with water having steps studded with gems. The tanks were having sands with corals and pearls, platforms paved with bright crystals with wonderful golden trees grown on the banks. The tanks were having beds of lotuses in full bloom, with flocks of Natyuha birds, made noisy with Hamsas and Saras, as well as with sounds of Chakravakas. The tanks were endowed with tall trees, nectar like water, with auspicious streamlets all over decorated as it were. The tanks were spread with hundreds of creepers, scattered with Ashoka blossoms, with several thick bushes, and with lilies in bloom here and there. Then the tiger among Vanaras saw a delightful mountain resembling a rain cloud with tall peaks, which had wonderful peaks spread all over, which had caves, and which is surrounded with variety of trees.

The Vanara saw a river flowing down from that mountain appearing like a beloved falling and rising from the arms of the lover. With waters swirling around the branches dipping into the river, the waters looked like a young woman wanting to leave but detained by her relatives. The waters running backward in circles appeared as if the beloved has returned to her lover pleased.

Not far from there the tiger among Vanaras saw a lotus pond filled with different kinds of water birds. Filled with cool water, having steps studded with gems, spread over with pearl dust as sand, with many kinds of herds of animals, with wonderful colorful trees it looked like large mansions built by Vishwakarma with artificial woodlands decorated all over. The trees were full of flowers and fruits. Some trees were full of leaves and branches spread over. Some had golden platforms.

Then the best of Vanaras saw a Simsupa tree covered with many creepers and leaves surrounded by a golden platform.

He saw several pieces of land , caves and water springs. He also saw trees with golden hues resembling fire. Then the heroic Vanara, seeing the radiance of the golden trees, felt like he was amidst the Meru mountain with its golden radiance. Then Hanuman was wonder struck seeing and hearing the tinkling sound of hundreds of anklets produced by the golden trees swaying in the wind.

The heroic Vanara with powerful arms climbed up the Simsupa tree full of leaves with flowers blooming on the top, with tender sprouts and leaves and said to himself. 'I will see Vaidehi who is anxious for seeing Rama, who is full of sorrow moving about here and there by chance. This Asoka grove with beautiful Champaka, Chandana, and Vakula trees surely belongs to the evil minded Ravana. Frequented by flocks of birds this Ashoka grove is beautiful. Janaki, the queen of Rama surely will visit this place. The beautiful queen of Rama, dear to Rama, who loves to wander in the forest will surely visit this place. The noble woman, the doe eyed lady familiar with this grove brooding over Rama will visit this place. The forest dweller who loves living in forest, consumed with grief for Rama, that lady Sita will visit this place. The Rama's dear wife, Janaka's daughter earlier loved all the creatures wandering in the forest. That lady of beautiful complexion interested in performing the rites of twilight with these auspicious waters of the river, will surely come here for performing the rites of twilight. This grove is suitable for the beloved of the Lord, Rama's wife, the auspicious lady Sita. The lady with the face of the Lord of all stars if she is living will surely come to this stream of auspicious waters'.

Thus thinking the venerable Hanuman concealed on the tree full of leaves looked around and waited eagerly for the wife of king of men.

||Thus ends the fourteenth Sarga of Ramayana the first ever poem written by venerable poet Valmiki.||

||om tat sat||
एवंतु मत्वा हनुमान् महात्मा
प्रतीक्षमाणो मनुजेंद्रस्य पत्नीम्।
अवेक्षमाणाश्च ददर्श सर्वम्
सुपुष्पिते पर्णघने निलीनः॥52||
स॥ महात्मा हनुमान् एवं मत्वा मनुजेंद्रपत्नीं प्रतीक्षमाणः सुपुष्पिते पर्णघने निलीनः अवेक्षमाणश्च सर्वं ददर्श॥
Thus thinking the venerable Hanuman concealed on the tree full of leaves looked around and waited eagerly for the wife of king of men.
||om tat sat||