||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 2 with English Summary ||

||om tat sat||

श्लो॥ स सागर मनाधृष्य मतिक्रम्य महाबलः।
त्रिकूट शिखरे लङ्कां स्थितां स्वस्थो ददर्श ह॥1||

स॥सः महाबलः अनाधृष्यं सागरं स्वस्थः अतिक्रम्य त्रिकूट शिखरे स्थिताम् लंकाम् ददर्श ह॥

That mighty Hanuman having comfortably crossed the ocean, which is difficult to cross, saw the city of Lanka which stood on the peak of Trikuta mountain.

||om tat sat||

Sarga 2

That mighty Hanuman having comfortably crossed the ocean, which is difficult to cross, saw the city of Lanka which stood on the peak of Trikuta mountain.

Covered fully by the rain of flowers dropped from the trees, that heroic Hanuman appeared as though he was a heap of flowers. Even after having crossed a hundred yojanas that glorious Vanara, endowed with great prowess, did not experience exhaustion. Hanuman said to himself, 'I can cross many hundreds of yojanas. What to say of measured distance of a hundred yojanas.?' The best among the courageous and the best among the Vanaras noted for his speed having crossed the sea on his own reached Lanka. Then he passed through dark colored fragrant grasslands and mountains filled with rocks. The brilliant Hanuman, a bull among Vanaras crossed the mountains dense with blossoming trees and forest ranges.

That son of wind god standing on that mountain saw forests and gardens around Lanka situated on the mountain peak. He saw Saralas Karnikaras, well blossomed Khajuras, Priyaalas and Muchilimdas too. He saw Kutajas, Ketakas filled with fragrance, Nipas, Priyamgus, as also Saptacchadas, Asanas, and flowering Karaviras too. He saw trees heavily loaded with flowers as well as buds. He saw trees full of birds with branches shaken by the wind. He saw flocks of Swans and waterfowls in ponds and variety of beautiful pleasure gardens and water resorts. The best of Vanaras also saw beautiful gardens filled with variety of trees that flower all seasons.

That fortunate Hanuman, having reached Lanka ruled by Ravana, saw the city of Lanka surrounded by moats full of lotuses and water lilies. He saw the city well protected by demons holding frightening bows moving on foot, keeping in view the abduction of Sita by Ravana. He saw the great city surrounded by golden boundary wall resembling assembly of planets and houses resembling autumnal clouds. He saw white elevated houses on crowded streets decorated with banners flag posts and garlands. He saw wonderful Lanka with rows of golden festoons and creepers looking like the city of gods.

Hanuman, that best among Vanaras, saw the city of Lanka with white and auspicious looking mansions sitting on top of the mountain as if touching the sky. He saw the city ruled by Ravana built by Vishwakarma, looking as though it was floating in the sky. The Vanara having reached the northern gate started thinking that Vishwakarma built Lanka with ramparts and forts as hips and loins, spiked iron rods for locks of hair, tall towers for earrings of a woman in his mind. With skyscrapers scraping the sky and excellent mansions as if flying in the sky, the city of Lanka was resembling mount Kailas. It was filled with demons like the netherworld is filled with serpents. Well-built with unimaginable beauty, it was earlier once occupied by Kubera. The warriors holding those tridents and spears were looking like the venomous serpents with protruding fangs.

Observing all of that as well as the great security, the sea and the terrific enemy Ravana, the Vanara started thinking as follows. 'Even if the Vanaras come here, they will not serve any purpose. Lanka is invincible in war even for Devas. What can mighty armed Rama do if he reaches this impregnable fort ruled by Ravana. There is no possibility of reconciliation with the Rakshasas. No use of gifts. No possibility of dissension. War too is not feasible. Only four of the Vanaras namely Vali's son Angada, Nila, the wise Vanara king Sugriva and myself can cross the sea and come here".

To put a stop this train of thoughts Hanuman said to himself 'Whether Janaka's daughter Vaidehi is alive or not is not known. Only after seeing her only I will think further'.

Then the best among Vanaras interested Rama's success and standing on the peak of the mountain gain pondered for a while. 'In the present form it is not possible to enter the city guarded by fierce and powerful demons. While searching for Janaki all the valiant and powerful demons need to be deceived. To accomplish this great task by me, the appropriate time to enter the city in inconspicuous form is the night only'.

Looking at the city impregnable even for Devas and other demons, sighing repeatedly, Hanuman started to reflect again.

'Somehow without being seen by the evil minded Ravana, Maithili, the daughter of Janaka is to be seen. How can the noble Rama's task be achieved? I Should be able to see the daughter of Janaka alone without being noticed by the Rakshasas. Just as darkness melts away at the sunrise, the well laid plans to disappear in the hands of a thoughtless messenger. Even after the proper course of action and inaction is decided, the ignorant messengers thinking themselves to be clever, spoil the effort. How the task is not destroyed? How to avoid thoughtlessness? How to ensure the effort of crossing the ocean is not wasted? If I am seen by the demons the desire of the noble Rama to destroy Ravana will be hindered. Even in the disguise of a demon it is difficult stay undetected with these demons. What to say of any other form? Here even the wind will not move without being ordered. Nothing escapes the notice of these powerful demons. If I stay in my present form, I will surely invite detection and Rama's task will be destroyed too. So, for achieving Rama's objective I will make my form smaller and jump into Lanka in the night. Entering the impregnable city in the night I will search all the palaces and find Sita'.

Having planned in this manner Hanuman, the Vanara warrior, excited in anticipation of seeing Sita awaited the Sunset.

After the sunset Maruti reduced himself to the size of a cat in a form that is wonderful to behold. The courageous Hanuman at once jumped in and entered the well laid out main throughfares of that beautiful city.

He saw city resembling the city of Gandharvas filled with rows of mansions having gold and silver pillars with window work made of gold. He saw mansions of seven and eight levels, having ornamented windows with pearls and floors inlaid with crystals. Here the mansions of the demons inlaid with precious gems, windows ornamented with pearls and the floors looked splendid. The Golden colorful archways of the city decorated all over illumined the Lanka everywhere. The great Vanara, seeing the unimaginably beautiful and wonderful Lanka, was glad with excitement of the possibility of seeing Vaidehi but was also sad at the same time not knowing how he will find her. He saw the city ruled by Ravana having a garland of white mansions with many floors, having archways and windows laced with gold strings and protected by famed warriors of great strength.

At that time the moon rose with thousand rays in the center of a multitude of stars, spreading and providing a canopy of moon light as if providing ministerial services to Hanuman. The heroic Vanara saw the rising Moon flitting in and out shining like a fresh white conch in the colors of milk and lotus stalk, looking like a swan floating in lake like sky.

Thus, ends the second Sarga of Sundarakanda in Ramayana, the first ever poem of mankind composed by Maharshi Valmiki.

||om tat sat||

शंखप्रभं क्षीरमृणाळवर्णं उद्गच्छमानं व्यवभासमानम्।
ददर्श चन्द्रं स हरिप्रवीर पोप्लूयमानं सरसीव हंसम्॥57||

The heroic Vanara saw the rising Moon flitting in and out, shining like a fresh white conch in the colors of milk and lotus stalk, looking like a swan floating in lake like sky.

||om tat sat||