||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 35||(Summary in English)

|| om tat sat||
तां तु रामकथां श्रुत्वा वैदेही वानरर्षभात् ।
उवाच वचनं सांत्व मिदं मधुरया गिरः॥1||
स॥ वैदेही वानरर्षभात् रामकथां श्रुत्वा मधुरया गिरः सांत्वं इदं वचनं उवाच॥
Vaidehi, having heard the story of Rama from the bull among Vanaras, politely spoke the following lines with sweet words.

Sarga 35

Vaidehi, having heard the story of Rama from Hanuman the bull among Vanaras, politely spoke the following lines with sweet words. Sita said, 'Where did you meet Rama. How do you know Lakshmana? How did this friendship between then humans and Vanaras develop? What are Rama's identifying marks and Lakshmana's too? You can tell me again. Then my sorrow will subside. How is Rama's form? How are his looks? How are his thighs and arms? Please tell. Similarly Lakshmana's too!'

When Vaidehi spoke like this, then Hanuman, the son of wind god started to describe Rama's form as is. "Oh Vaidehi, with eyes like lotus petals, it is my good fortune that you are asking about the form of Rama and Lakshmana though you know them. Those identification marks of Rama as well as Lakshmana I will now tell you. Please hear'.

Hanuman continued.

'Oh Daughter of Janaka! Rama is born with eyes like the lotus petals. He is one who delights all beings endowed with a form reflecting politeness and charm. In glow he is equal to Sun. In forbearance he is equal to earth. In intelligence he is equal to Brihaspati. In fame he is equal to Indra. Protects all beings. Protects his own people. The destroyer of enemies protects his own race and the righteousness. Oh Beautiful lady ! He protects all the four classes of society. He follows the code of conduct and make other follow too'.

'He is intensely luminous and worshipped. He is steadfast in observing the vows of self-control. He recognizes the right actions of sages, he knows the rites and administration too. He knows the statecraft. He is devotee of Brahmans. The destroyer of enemies, he is one who has learnt the Vedas. He is disciplined and endowed with excellent conduct. Well versed in Yajurveda, he is respected by those who know Vedas. He is expert in Vedas and other parts of Vedas and the science of archery'.

'Oh Devi, he is broad shouldered, long armed, with conch shaped neck, with auspicious looks, round shouldered and coppery eyed, he is heard by people. With voice like that of dundubhi, shining beautiful complexion, full of valor, of equal proportions, his limbs are of equal proportions. He is of dark color'.

'He is firm at three places, long in three places, with three even parts. He is elevated in three places, raised in three parts too. He has coppery reddish color in three parts and majestic. With three folds on his neck, he has nipples and soles under the feet which are depressed. Four parts of his body are depressed. He has three spirals in his head. He has four lines on his thumb, four lines on his forehead, and has four well-proportioned parts. He has fourteen parts of his body well proportioned. Has four sharp teeth, has four movements, has sharp nose, charming lips and jaws, has five smooth parts, and eight parts of the body which are long'.

' He has ten lotus like limbs, ten well-proportioned limbs, covered with three aspects, white in two parts, elevated in six limbs, has nine features, and covered with three glories. Follower of truth and righteousness, prosperous, accumulates and favorably disposed too, endears himself to all with his sweet words. His brother of a different mother, son of Sumitra, undefeated, in form and virtues is similar to his brother',

'Those two tigers among men eager to see you, searching the whole world came in contact with us. Searching for you on this earth, they saw Sugriva, the one thrown out by his brother, Vali. On the mountain Rishyamuka filled with variety of trees, they saw Sugriva who is pleasing to the eyes, who is scared of his brother. We were serving Sugriva, the king of Vanaras. Sugriva is committed to truth and was thrown out by his elder brother'.

'Then the two clad in bark clothes, carrying their bows reached the beautiful place on the Rishyamuka mountain. The bull among Vanaras seeing the two tigers among men, scared jumped up to the peak of the mountain. That king of Vanaras sitting on the mountain top quickly sent me to meet the two. On the orders of Sugriva I stood in front of the two lords, the tigers among men endowed with charming disposition and auspicious looks. Realizing their true disposition, I placed those tigers among men with pleasing disposition on my back and carried them back to our place. I faithfully reported on the two great souls to Sugriva. Both of them talked to each other and fond friendship developed. Then full of joy, the king of men and king of Vanaras assured each other with the stories of the past'.

'The elder brother of Lakshmana consoled Sugriva who was thrown out because of a woman. Then Lakshmana informed the king of Vanaras, Sugriva about Rama and his grief on account of your loss. The king of Vanaras too on hearing the words spoken by Lakshmana, became luster less like the Sun overshadowed by a planet Rahu'.

'Then those ornaments worn by you and thrown away on the ground while being carried away by the Rakshasa were shown. The Vanara leaders brought all those ornaments to show to Rama with great joy. They had no idea of your whereabouts. I collected those ornaments and gave them to Rama. He lost his senses on seeing those jingling ornaments scattered around. The divine self who is effulgent like gods, wailed in many ways placing the ornaments on his lap'.

'Seeing them again and again, the grief in him was inflamed like fire.. Rama the great self-immersed in sorrow lay down on the ground, I also consoled him with many words and with great difficulty. The long armed Rama along with Lakshmana looked at them again and again and gave them to the care of Sugriva. Oh respectable lady, because of not being able to see you, he is always blazing like the fire, on a mountain on fire'.

'On account of you the great man is consumed by three fires of sleeplessness, sorrow and concern like the sacred fires of the sacred fire place. Because of not being able to see you Raghava is shaken like a lofty mountain by an earth quake. Not being able to see you, the king is not delighted even when he goes to delightful forests, rivers and streams'.

'Oh Daughter of Janaka, the tiger among men Raghava along with all his friends will kill Ravana quickly and attain you. Both Rama and Sugriva reached an agreement to kill Vali and also search for you. Then that king of Vanaras came to Kishkindha along with the two heroic princess and killed Vali in a battle. Then Rama having killed Vali in a battle, made Sugriva as the king of all Vanara troops'.

'Oh Devi, the union of Rama Sugriva happened in this way. Know me as Hanuman.

'I have come here as their messenger. Sugriva having got back his kingdom, got together all Vanaras and sent them in search of you in all directions. The king of Vanaras, the very powerful Sugriva has ordered Vanaras as huge as king of mountains to all parts of the earth. Then we and other Vanaras, bound by Sugriva's words, are moving about the earth in search of you. Son of Vali, called Angada, powerful, prosperous, together with one third of the army departed in search of you. In the mountains of Vindhya we spent many days and nights greatly immersed in sorrow and lost our way'.

'All of us very much disheartened for not accomplishing the task, with time exceeded, and being afraid of the king of Vanaras , were ready to give up our lives. Having searched the impenetrable forest forts, mountain streams, unable to see the feet of the Devi, decided to give up life. Seeing all the Vanaras ready for facing death , Angada himself plunged in intense fire of sorrow , was very much grieved'.

'Oh Vaidehi, that you are not found, the death of Vali, and the death of Jatayu, all led to our decision to die. As though to help those disappointed in being unable to meet kings orders, and set to die, powerful gigantic bird came. Brother of king of birds called Sampati , angered on hearing the killing of his brother said the following words. 'Oh Best of Vanaras by whom was my younger brother killed? Where was he dropped down? I want to hear all of that from you. Angada narrated to him how he was killed by a dreadful Rakshasa as it happened, as he tried to rescue you. Oh best among women, hearing about the death of Jatayu, the son of Aruna, grieved he said that you are in Ravana's palace. Then hearing that words Sampati increasing the happiness, Angada and others including all of us quickly departed from there.

'The Vanaras anxious to see you, delighted, satisfied, flew up from Vindhyas and reached the northern shores of the ocean. Angada and others anxious to see you standing on the shores of the ocean were afraid and again started thinking. Then seeing the desperate mood of the Vanara army, setting aside fear I leapt across the sea of hundred yojanas'.

'I entered Lanka filled with Rakshasas in the night, I have seen Ravana and you too immersed in sorrow. Oh! Blameless lady ! I have narrated this as it happened. Please speak to me. I am messenger of Dasarathi. Oh Devi, know me, as the minister of Sugriva and son of wind god. I have come here having taken up Rama's mission for you'.

'The best among wielders of all weapons your Kakutstha is keeping well. Lakshmana involved in the service of his master is well too. Oh Devi, desirous of the welfare of your husband, I have come alone here on the orders of Sugriva. While moving in search of you, without any help, being able to assume any form, moving in southerly direction reached this place. Fortunately, for the Vanara army grieving worried about your loss, letting them know will dispel their sorrow. Oh Devi, fortunately the effort of jumping across the ocean is not wasted. Fortunately I will attain the fame of seeing you here. The great hero Raghava along with his friends having killed Rama will get you back quickly'.

'Oh Vaidehi, mountain named Malyavan is one of the best. From there Kesari, a Vanara went to mountain Gokarna. There predicted by the divine sages, my father, a great Vanara killed Samabasadana. Oh Maithili, in that monkeys land, born of wind god, I am known to all as Hanuman by my own acts'.

'Oh Vaidehi, to give you confidence I have described all the qualities. Oh Devi, Raghav will soon take you from here'.

Sita immersed in sorrow, presented with reasons, identified him as the messenger of Rama. Janaki experienced immeasurable happiness, and shed tears of happiness through the curved eyelashes of her eyes. The face of the wide eyed lady with her large red eyes shone like the moon released from the shadow of Rahu. She realized that Hanuman is clearly a Vanara not any other. Then Hanuman looked at her who is pleasing to look at, and spoke.

'Oh Maithili, I have told you everything. Calm down. What shall I do, or what pleases you. I will go back. Oh Maithili, on the orders of great Rishis when the best of Vanaras killed Samabasadana, I was born with powers of Vayu and equal to Vayu'.

Thus ends Sarga 35 in Sundarakanda of Ramayana the first poem ever composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki

|| om tat sat||
हतेs सुरे संयति शंबसादने
कपिप्रवीरेण महर्षि चोदनात्।
ततोs स्मि वायुप्रभवो हि मैथिलि
प्रभावतः तत्प्रतिमश्च वानरः॥89||
स॥ मैथिलि संयति शंबसादने असुरे कपिप्रवरेण महर्षिचोदनात् हते सति अथ वायुप्रभवः प्रभावतः तत्प्रतिमः वानरः अस्मि॥
'Oh Maithili ! on the orders of great Rishis when the best of Vanaras killed Samabasadana, I was born with powers of Vayu and equal to Vayu'.
|| om tat sat||