||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 39||(Summary in English)


||om tat sat||
मणिं दत्वा ततः सीता हनुमंतमथाsब्रवीत्।
अभिज्ञानं अभिज्ञातं एतत् रामस्य तत्त्वतः॥1||
स॥ततः मणिं दत्त्वा सीता हनुमंतं अथ अब्रवीत्। एतत् रामस्य अबिज्ञात तत्त्वतः अभिज्ञानं॥
Then she gave the jewel to Hanuman and said, 'This ornament is known to Rama very well'.

Sarga 39

Then Sita gave the jewel to Hanuman and said, 'This ornament is known to Rama very well. Seeing the jewel Rama will remember the three namely my mother, myself and the king Dasaratha'.

' Oh best of Vanaras, you plan so that Rama is prompted with enthusiasm in this effort. In this effort you are the key. Oh Hanuman, after taking the initiative become the reducer of sorrow. Think of the action for him so that he becomes the reducer of sorrow'. Then that Maruti, the possessor of fearsome valor, bowing his head promised saying, 'So be it', and then started on his return journey.

Devi Maithili again spoke to the son of wind god with a voice choked with tears. She said, 'Hanuman, communicate my welfare to Rama and Lakshmana, as also Sugriva along with all his ministers and other Vanaras. Oh best of Vanaras, convey this in a righteous manner. You may tell Rama in a way that he can help me cross the ocean of sorrow and relieve me. Oh Hanuman, tell the words in a way that the famed Rama will take me when I am alive, then you will acquire fame. Hearing those words spoken by you with excitement, Dasarathi's manliness will be increased. Oh Vira, Rama hearing the words of my message from you will surely make the valiant efforts'.

Hanuman, the son of the wind god, hearing those words of Sita, spoke bowing his head in reverence.

He said, 'The Kakutstha surrounded by the best of Vanaras and bears will come here. Defeating the enemies in the war he will relieve you of your sorrows. I do not see any one among the humans, Asuras and Devas who can face Rama's arrows when released. In the war for your sake, he is capable of defeating even the Sun, rain god, Vaivasvata or Yama, He deserves to rule the whole earth like a king. Oh Janaka's daughter, Rama's victory is for your benefit only.'

Janaki hearing the truthful, proper, and good words of the one she held in great esteem, spoke the following words. Sita then looked again and again at the one ready to start. She made him understand the words conveying her love.

Sita spoke, 'Oh destroyer of enemies, if you think it is appropriate, stay at a closed place for a day. Thus rested go tomorrow. Oh Vanara, your presence will provide even a moment's relief to this unlucky one in great sorrow. Oh best of Vanaras, after you go my life is in doubt till you return. There is no doubt. Oh Vanara, not seeing you will increase the agony in the one already agonized. It will inflame my sorrow and again trouble me. Oh best of Vanaras, at the outset, a great doubt dwells in my mind about your helpers like Vanaras and bears. How can that army of Vanaras and bears and the two princes, cross the ocean which is difficult to cross. Only three have the capability to cross this ocean namely you, Vainateya or the wind god '.

'Oh hero, in order to achieve this very difficult task what means do you see? You are the best among those who are capable. Oh slayer of enemies, only you are capable of accomplishing this task. The fruit of this accomplishment is yours. In this war if Rama emerges victorious winning over Ravana along with his army and takes me home, that is worthy of him. The Slayer of enemies, Kakutstha, if he fills the entire Lanka with his arrows and takes me then that will be worthy of him. You propose a way of achieving victory which is worthy of the great self, the hero of the war'.

Hanuman, having heard the meaningful, courteous, logical words and the rest then replied. 'Devi, the lord of the army of Vanaras, the foremost among the Vanaras, Sugriva is determined to accomplish the task for your sake. Oh Vaidehi, Sugriva along with thousands of crores of Vanaras will reach and destroy all the Rakshasas. Powerful virtuous mighty Vanaras who can leap with speed of mind are at his command awaiting. Their movement cannot be impeded upwards downwards or horizontally. Being brilliant they do not fail in any given task'.

'Very enthusiastic, following the aerial path they repeatedly go around the earth with all its oceans. In Sugriva's court there are Vanaras who are better than me and equal to me. There is none who is inferior to me. As I have reached here, so the other more powerful ones too will. Oh Devi, the best ones are not sent out for these tasks only the other ordinary ones will be sent.'

'Oh Devi, enough of sorrow. Give up your sorrow. The Vanara army will reach Lanka in one jump. Both the great men, who are like lion among men, sitting on my back, looking like Sun and moon will come to your presence. Then Rama and Lakshmana, the two heroes and the best among men having come will destroy city of Lanka with their arrows'.

'The scion of Raghu, Raghava having killed Ravana along with his tribe, return with you back to his city. That you be rest assured. Let auspicious things happen. You may count your time. You will soon see fiery Rama. With the lord of Rakshasas killed along with his sons and relatives, you will reunite with Rama, like Rohini uniting with moon. Oh Devi, Maithili, you will soon go to the other shore of sorrow. Soon you will see Ravana killed by Rama'.

Hanuman, the son of wind god, having thus assured Vaidehi, getting ready for return, spoke to Vaidehi again.

'Very soon you would see the accomplished slayer of foes, the accomplished wielder of bow, Rama along with Lakshmana at the door of Lanka. You will soon see heroes whose teeth and nails are their weapons, resembling tigers and lions in valor, also resembling well-bred elephants. Oh noble lady, you will see roaring Vanara chiefs who resemble clouds roaring and hovering over the mountain peaks around Lanka'.

'Rama is tormented by the dreadful arrows of god of love pierced into vitals like an elephant hit by lion. He has no happiness in life. Oh Devi, do not weep in sorrow. Let your mind be not unpleasant. You have a great husband just as Sachi has her Lord in Indra. Who is superior to Rama? Who is equal to Lakshmana? Both the brothers are like fire and wind. They are your refuge'.

'Noble lady you will not stay any longer in this dreadful place which is a stronghold of Rakshasas. Your beloved is coming very soon. For this period bear with me'.

Thus ends Sarga thirty nine of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first ever poem composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki

||om tat sat||
नास्मिं श्चिरं वत्स्यसि देवि देशे
रक्षोगणैरध्युषितेsति रौद्रे।
न ते चिरादागमनं प्रियस्य
क्षमस्व मत्संगमकालमात्रम्॥54||
स॥ देवि रक्षोगणैः अध्युषिते अतिरौद्रौ अस्मिन् देशे चिरं न वत्स्यसि ।ते प्रियस्य आगमनं न चिरात् । मत्संगमकालमात्रं क्षमस्व॥
'Noble lady you will not stay any longer in this dreadful place which is a stronghold of Rakshasas. Your beloved is coming very soon. For this period bear with me'.
||om tat sat||

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