||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 3||( Summary in English)

(PS: This is a true translation of the Sanskrit epic which tends to have long descriptive sentences which are retained as they are)

|| om tat sat||

श्लो॥ स लंब शिखरे लंबे लंबतोयद सन्निभे।
सत्त्वमास्थाय मेधावी हनुमान्मारुतात्मजः॥1||
निशि लंकां महोसत्त्वो विवेश कपिकुंजरः।
रम्यकानन तोयाढ्यां पुरीं रावणपालिताम्॥2||

That intelligent son of wind god relying on his own energy entered the city of Lanka which is on a tall peak resembling a mass of rain bearing clouds, which is rich in delightful forests, groves and pools, and which is ruled by Ravana.

|| Om tat sat ||
Sarga 3

That intelligent son of wind god relying on his own energy entered the city of Lanka which is on the tall peak resembling a heavy rain bearing cloud, which is rich in delightful forests, groves and pools, and which is ruled by Ravana.

Delighted Hanuman having reached the ramparts saw the Lanka, which was full of mansions like beautiful autumnal clouds, which is served by the sea breeze with sounds of the roar of the sea. He saw the city of Lanka, which is strong with well-nourished army,
which was stationed at the beautiful arch ways just like Vitapavathi.

He saw the city of Lanka has white gates and arches. Lanka is like the city of the underground world Bhujagavati inhabited by snakes well protected and auspicious. Hanuman saw the city which is overcast with streaks of lightning, which is served by all planets and stars with winds blowing gently. Lanka is like the city of Amaravati with golden ramparts adorned with jingling sounds of small bells and decorated with flags everywhere.

Hanuman saw the city full of golden gates, with platforms made of gold encrusted with Vaidhuryas, diamonds, crystals and pearls, studded with diamonds and pure silver floors. He saw staircases encrusted with Vaidhurya and covered with crystal grains. The city is full of lovely quadrangles echoing with the sounds of Krauncha birds and peacocks, inhabited by royal swans. The city is filled with sounds of auspicious musical instruments raising to the sky resounding all over like the city of Vaswokasara. Seeing that enchanting city Hanuman was delighted.

Seeing the incomparable auspicious, beautiful, prosperous city the mighty Hanuman started to think.

'This city protected by Ravana forces which are ready to fight cannot be overtaken with force. This place can be reached by Kumuda Angada and the great Vanara Sushena, as also Mainda and Dvivida. The son of Vivaswan, the chief of Vanaras (Sugriva), Kusaparva, Riksha and myself also will be able to reach this place'.

Then the valiant Vanara remembering the valor of mighty Rama and the valiant Lakshmana was happy.

Hanuman looked at the city of the Rakshasa King whose darkness was dispelled by the bright gems and great mansions as if it were a young maiden. To him the prosperous city looked like a well decorated woman adorned with ornaments with walls for her dress, the stables for her earrings, and the armories for her breasts.

Then the mighty Hanuman the tiger among Vanaras, who was entering the city was seen by Lanka, the presiding deity herself.

Seeing the best of Vanaras the ugly looking Lanka ruled by Ravana rose up. She stood in front of Hanuman the best of Vanaras. Making a great sound she spoke.

'Oh, Forest dweller! who are you? For what reason have you come here? Speak the truth about yourself till you have a hold on your life. Oh, Vanara protected by Ravana forces everywhere it is not possible for you to enter this city Lanka in secret'.

Then the valiant Hanuman spoke to that one standing in front of him. 'I will tell you what you are asking me. Oh, Dreadful woman with distorted eyes! who are you standing at the city gates? Why are you threatening me?

Hearing those words of Hanuman, the angered Lanka who can assume any form spoke harsh words to the son of wind god.

'I am protecting this invincible city following the orders of the demon king. Ignoring my presence, it is not possible for you to enter the city. Today killed by me giving up life you will go to eternal sleep. Oh, Hanuman I am the deity of Lanka. I will be protecting the city all over. This is my answer to you'.

The son of wind god, Hanuman, hearing those words of Lanka stood in front of her like another mountain. That intelligent powerful Hanuman, a bull among Vanaras spoke to that monstrous looking woman.'I have a great curiosity. I have come to see the marketplaces, ramparts and gate ways. I have arrived here to see the gardens groves and forests as well as the main palaces.

Hearing those words that ogress who can assume any form again spoke with harsh words. 'Oh, Evil minded foolish monkey! Without conquering me it is not possible for you to enter the city ruled by the king of demons. Then the tiger among Vanaras again spoke to the night dweller. ''Oh, Noble lady, having seen the city I will go back the way I came.'

Then that Lanka making a frightening sound speedily hit Hanuman the best of Vanaras with her palm. Thus, hit badly by Lanka, the powerful son of wind god roared loudly. Hanuman overcome by anger clenched the fingers of his left hand and hit her with his fist. Considering that she is a woman he did not become too angry. That ugly looking night dweller with limbs shattered by that hit at once fell on the ground. Then seeing the fallen Lanka, considering that she is a woman Hanuman showed compassion.

Then the greatly agitated Lanka spoke with choked voice to Hanuman the best among flyers. 'Oh, Great armed one be gracious. Oh, best of monkeys save me. Oh, Noble one! Great people hold back when time comes. Oh, best among flyers I am the deity of Lanka. Oh, Valiant and mighty one! I have been conquered by your valor. Oh, Best of monkeys! This is certain please hear'.

'In the past the creator gave me as a boon. When a Vanara vanquishes you by his prowess you may know that the destruction of Rakshasa will set in. Oh, Noble one! That time has come with your appearance. What has been ordained by the creator cannot be overcome. The ruin of evil-minded king Ravana as well as all Rakshasas will come because of Sita. Oh, best of monkeys so enter this city ruled by Ravana and do whatever works you intended to do. Oh, best of monkeys! having entered the city ruled by the chief of Rakshasas and doomed by the curse, you may go everywhere and search for the chaste daughter of Janaka.'

Thus, ends the third Sarga of Sundarakanda in Ramayana, the first ever poem of mankind composed by Maharshi Valmiki.

|| om tat sat||

श्लो॥ प्रविश्य शापोपहतं हरीश्वरः
शुभां पुरीं राक्षस मुख्यपालिताम्।
यदृच्छया त्वं जनकात्मजां सतीम्
विमार्ग सर्वत्र गतो यथा सुखम्॥52||

'Oh, Best of monkeys! having entered the city doomed by the curse and ruled by the chief of Rakshasas, you may go everywhere and search for the chaste daughter of Janaka!

|| om tat sat||