||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 41(Summary in English)

Sanskrit Sloka text in Devanagari, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu , and English

||om tat sat||
स च वाग्भिः प्रशस्ताभिः गमिष्यन् पूजितस्तया।
तस्माद्देशादपक्रम्य चिंतयामास वानरः॥1||
स॥ सः वानरः प्रशस्थाभिः वाग्भिः पूजितः तस्मात् देशात् अपक्रम्यगमिष्यन् चिंतयामास॥
That Vanara having been honored with choicest words, started thinking about going from that place.

Sarga 41

That Vanara having been honored with choicest words ,started thinking about going from that place .

'This black eyed lady has been seen. Very little work is remaining. Beyond the three strategies of Sama, Dana, and Bheda, here there is a fourth strategy namely Danda. With Rakshasas negotiation is of no use. Being wealthy gifts also will not work. For people proud of their strength dissension will not work. Here only my valor will work. Here for this task other than valor nothing else will hold. If I kill a few strong ones they may soften and yield. When a work is entrusted one who achieves many without affecting the earlier work is the one who is fit to do the work. Here for achieving a small task effectively there is no one way. One who knows many ways is capable. Here itself if I go to the abode of Vanaras, after understanding the difference between the strength of the enemy forces and our strength in war, then the orders of my lord are well executed'.

Hanuman continued thinking.

'How to engage in a war with Rakshasas today? How to have a happy ending? That ten ten-headed will gauge his strength and ours in that way only. Then after finding out his mind, and the strength of the ten-headed with his army chiefs marching forward along with his ministers, I can happily go from here. This wicked one's Ashoka grove is a feast to the eyes and mind with different kinds of trees creepers and is like the Nandana grove. Like a dried forest is destroyed by the fire, I will destroy this garden. When this is devastated the ten-headed will be angry. Then the king of Rakshasas will send a great force with horses, chariots, and elephants armed with tridents and spears. Then a great war will ensue. Then colliding with Rakshasas of irresistible valor endowed with fierce strength sent by Ravana, and destroying them, I can go happily to the abode of Vanaras'.

Then the fierce warrior Maruti being furious started uprooting the trees with speed sprung from his thighs. Then Hanuman felled a variety of trees and creepers inhabited by intoxicated birds in the beautiful garden meant for women folk.

That grove with destroyed trees, breached ponds, and powdered mountain peaks became ugly looking. With wilted trees and creepers, with birds shrieking with many kinds of sounds, with ponds of water breached, and with tender coppery shoots withered, the garden looked as though burnt by forest fire and climbers looked like women shivering in fear with their robes disarrayed. The great garden lay destroyed with arbors and picture galleries ruined huge serpents and animals scattered, stone houses and sheds destroyed. The pleasure garden of Ravana totally destroyed appeared as though it was spreading the creepers of sorrow by the Vanara who set out to protect the lady.

The great Vanara glowing having created unpleasantness for the ruler of wealth, stood at the archway ready to fight single handedly many warriors.

Thus ends Sarga forty one of Sundarakanda of Ramayana the first ever poem composed in Sanskrit , the first poet sage Valmiki

||om tat sat||
स तस्य कृतार्थपतेर्महाकपिः महद्व्यळीकं मनसो महात्मनः।
युयुत्सुरेको बहुभिः महाबलैः श्रिया ज्वलन् तोरणमास्थितः कपिः॥21||
स॥ सः महाकपिः महात्मनः तस्य अर्थपतेः मनसः महत् व्यलीकं कृत्वा महाबलैः बहुभिः एकः युयुत्सुः श्रियाज्वलन् तोरणम् आस्थिताः॥
The great Vanara glowing having created unpleasantness for the ruler of wealth . stood at the archway ready to fight single handedly many warriors.
||om tat sat||