||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 49(Summary in English)

||om tat sat||
ततः स कर्मणा तस्य विस्मितो भीमविक्रमः।
हनुमान्रोषताम्राक्षो रक्षोधिपमवैक्षत॥1||
स॥ ततः सः भीमविक्रमः हनुमान् रोषताम्राक्षः तस्य कर्मणा विस्मितः रक्षोधिपं अवैक्षत॥
Then Hanuman who is of fierce valor, astonished by their actions, looked at the king of Rakshasas with eyes red in anger.

Sarga 49

Then Hanuman, who is of fierce valor, looked at the king of Rakshasas with eyes red with anger astonished by their actions.

The Rakshasa king was of innate splendor, shining with a golden crown covered with glittering strings of pearls. He was decked with golden ornaments studded with diamonds, adorned with small motifs of precious gems as though designed with imagination. He was dressed in exquisite silk with many kinds of wonderful ornamental designs, smeared with red sandal paste, smeared with unguents.
Heroic powerful and splendid, he appeared with blood red eyes, with fearsome looks, with shining sharp teeth, with drooping lips, and ten heads which looked like the peaks of Mandara mountain with different kinds of beasts.

Like a black mountain of collyrium with a face like that of full moon, illuminated by the necklace on the chest, which looked like cranes around a cloud. Smeared with best sandal paste, wearing armlets and shining bracelets, the stout arms looked like five headed serpents.

He was well seated on a huge magnificent throne of crystal encrusted with precious stones, which is on a beautiful carpet. Beautiful girls exceedingly well decorated ones, holding whisks in their hands in the vicinity, attended on him.

He was attended by four Rakshasas Durdhara, Prahasta, Mahaparsva, and Nikumbha, who are the ministers and learned ones. Attended by the four arrogant Rakshasas and comfortably seated, he looked like the entire world surrounded by four oceans. Attended by learned ones, intellectuals ministers and other Rakshasas, he was like Indra attended by the gods.

Hanuman saw the highly splendid Rakshasa king, who appeared like clouds laden with water on the peaks of Meru mountain.

Though being troubled by the fearsome Rakshasas, Hanuman looked at the Rakshasa king in amazement. Then Hanuman looking at the shining king of Rakshasas, attracted by his splendor, started thinking in his mind.

'Oh what form! What courage! What power! What glow. He is endowed with all merits. If he is not unrighteous, the Rakshasa king could have been the lord of even the world of gods including Indra. With his contemptible wicked deeds, all people even the gods and demons are scared of this person. If he is angry he is capable of making the entire world into an ocean'.

Thus seeing the power of the brilliant king of Rakshasas, intelligent Hanuman entertained many thoughts.

Thus ends Sarga forty nine of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first poem composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki.

||om tat sat||
इतिचिंतां बहुविधा मकरोन्मतिमान् कपिः॥
दृष्ट्वा राक्षसराजस्य प्रभावममितौजसः॥20||
स॥ अमितौजसः राक्षसराजस्य प्रभावं दृष्ट्वा मतिमान् हरिः इति बहुविधां चिंतां अकरोत्॥
Thus seeing the power of the brilliant king of Rakshasas intelligent Hanuman entertained many thoughts.
||om tat sat||