||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 5||(Summary in English)

||om tat sat||
ततस्स मध्यंगत मंशुमंतम् ज्योत्स्नावितानं महदुद्वमंतम्।
ददर्श धीमान्दिवि भानुमंतम् गोष्ठे वृषं मत्तमिव ब्रमंतम्॥1||
स॥ ततः सः धीमान् मध्यं गतं अंशुमंतं उद्यमंतं महत् ज्योत्स्नावितानम् दिवि भानुमंतं गोष्ठे भ्रमंतं वृषमिव ददर्स॥
Then that intelligent Hanuman saw the luminous lord, the Moon, rise to the middle of the sky spreading a canopy of light like the Sun in the sky. He was looking like an intoxicated mighty bull in the cowshed (amidst a herd of cows)

||om tat sat||
Sarga 5
Hanuman in search of Sita

Then as he was going about the city of Lanka that intelligent Hanuman saw Moon, the luminous lord.

Moon rose to the middle of the sky spreading a canopy of light like the Sun in the sky. He was looking like an intoxicated mighty white bull in the cowshed in the midst of a herd of cows. Hanuman also saw the Moon spreading his light as if to ward off the world's agony, augmenting the ocean to swell, and illuminating all the creatures.

The splendor of the Moon in the center of the sky was like the splendor found on the ocean at dusk, like the splendor found in the water droplets on the lotus leaves in the lakes, and like the splendor found on the Mandara mountain. Moon shone like a swan in the silver cage. He shone like a Lion in the cave on the Mandara mountain. Moon shone like the proud hero sitting on the elephant.

The full Moon with its horn like spot, was looking like a bull with sharp horns. He was like the Himalayas with its tall peaks. He was like an elephant with its gold-plated tusks. The Moon even with its stain shone with graceful radiance like the shining water drops on the lotus leaf rid of its dew. Moon shone like a resplendent one whose moral impurities were removed by the great planets. The Moon shone bright like the lion, the king of animals on the top of a rock. He shone like the lord of the elephants in the deep forest. He shone like the king who regained his kingdom. With the Moon at dusk spreading his brilliance the darkness was dispelled. The dark deeds of cannibals disappeared. The love instincts of ladies lost in anger of love are incited.

As Hanuman moved forward sounds of instruments pleasing to the ears are being heard. Chaste ladies were sleeping with their husbands. The night creatures began to roam about exhibiting their rowdy behavior.

Intelligent Hanuman saw in those prosperous houses Rakshasas intoxicated with their wealth, having chariots with comfortable seats drawn by horses. The Rakshasas in those prosperous houses were intoxicated and blabbering ridiculing each other. They were boisterously patting each other's shoulders, quarrelling with each other in that intoxication. They are expanding their chests sportively touching their women. The demons drawing their strong bows to impress their women were assuming wonderful forms. Among the women with beautiful faces some were sleeping, some were angry, some were laughing, and some others are sighing.

There were huge respected elephants making sounds. There were warriors sighing like snakes hissing in a lake. They were sighing for not having an opportunity to show their valor.

In that city Hanuman saw intellectuals who were sweet in expression who had faith in religion. He saw preeminent ones in the world, heroes of different kinds, demons who followed good practices. Seeing radiant handsome ones with many virtues, whose appearance reflected their virtues, Hanuman was happy. He also saw ugly ones and those with similar forms too.

He saw women adorned with choicest clothes. He saw women whose minds are pure and attached to their lovers, and saw women attached to drinks too. He also saw gentle ones among them like bright stars. Hanuman saw women embraced by their lovers feeling shy but shining brightly. He also saw women adorned with flowers embraced by their beloveds joyful like free birds. The Intelligent Hanuman saw demonesses on the terraces of the mansions sitting happily on the laps of their lovers, overwhelmed with pleasure engaged in love. He saw others engaged in serving their husbands.

He saw some of golden hue without veil. He saw some altruistic ones shining like the polished gold. He saw some pale looking separated from their husbands. He saw a few of attractive complexion. Hanuman saw in those houses some happy and delighted women having obtained their husbands, some ecstatic ones delighted on seeing the loved ones. He saw rows of faces radiating like Moon, rows of eyes with sidelong glances and graceful lashes, many wearing lovely ornaments resembling flashes of lightning.

But Hanuman could not see Sita, the one born in a noble royal family, a delicate one like creeper, following the right path. He did not see the one abiding by the eternal good path, a lady of beautiful eyes, a lady with her mind fixed on her husband among all those chaste wives present there.

But he did not see the lady shedding hot tears sorrowing for the separation form her husband. He did not see one whose throat is choked with incessant tears, whose neck was earlier wearing costly ornaments, who has beautiful eyelashes, who was of sweet loving voice, who was like a forest dweller wandering in the forests.

Not seeing Sita Hanuman imagined that she would be like an invisible ray of the moon, like a streak of gold invisible being covered with dust, like the scar of a superficially covered wound caused by an arrow, like a flake of cloud swept away by the wind.

Not being able to see the wife of Rama the Lord who is the best one among those who are good at speech, Hanuman was hit by grief. He became slow for a while.

|| Thus, ends the fifth Sarga of Sundarakanda in Ramayana, the first ever poem composed by Maharshi Valmiki. ||

||om tat sat||
सीतामपस्यन् मनुजेश्वरस्य रामस्य पत्नीं वदतां वरस्य।
बभूव दुःखाभिहतश्चिरस्य प्लवंगमो मंद इवा चिरस्य ॥27||
स॥ वदतां वरस्य मनुजेश्वरस्य रामस्य पत्नीं अचिरस्य अपश्यन् प्लवंगमः दुःखाभिहितः चिरस्य मंद इव बभूव॥
Not being able to see the wife of Lord Rama who is the best one among those who are good at speech, Hanuman hit by grief became slow for a while.
||om tat sat||