||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 62|| (Summary in English)


||om tat sat||

तानुवाच हरिश्रेष्ठो हनुमान् वानरर्षभः।
अव्यग्रमनसो यूयं मधुसेवत वानराः॥1||
अहमावारयिष्यामि युष्माकं परिपंथिनः।
स॥ हरिश्रेष्ठः वानरर्षभः हनुमान् तान् उवाच।वानराः यूयं अव्यग्रमनसः मधुसेवत॥युष्माकं परिपन्थिनः अहं आवारयिष्यामि ॥
Hanuman, the best among Vanaras spoke to them. 'Oh Vanaras, without any fear take the honey. I will prevent anybody who objects to your actions'.

Sarga 62

Hanuman, the best among Vanaras spoke to them. 'Oh Vanaras, without any fear take the honey. I will prevent anybody who objects to your actions'.

Hearing the words of Hanuman, the distinguished Angada replied. "Oh Vanaras, you may drink happily. With accomplished Hanuman's words even a forbidden work shall surely be done. What to say of this kind of work like drinking honey'. The bulls among Vanaras, hearing those words from Angada, very much delighted praised him saying 'very good very good'. All the Vanaras praising Angada quickly moved into Madhuvan, like the trees in fast flowing river.

Having seen Maithili and overjoyed with success they entered the Madhuvan. Having violently attacked the guards they then drank honey and ate tasty fruits. Then all the Vanaras came together rising up hit the forest guards in many ways. All of them took hold of large amounts of honey and drank. Other were preventing the guards. Some of the Vanaras after drinking honey and intoxicated by chunks of honey combs, went about pushing each other. Others took hold of branches of the tree to steady themselves. Due to excessive sweet drinks, some of them laid down spreading the leaves. Intoxicated Vanaras, like mad people, were joyfully pushing each other. Some others were unsteady. Some others roared. Some happily cooed like birds. Intoxicated by the drink some Vanaras slept on the ground. Some were laughing. Some others did some other thing. Some were talking after drinking. Some others were perceiving something else

The guards of the Madhuvan, sent by Dadhimukha as a cover, were driven away in all directions. Some were dragged with their knees and thrown into the sky. Greatly disturbed the guards went and spoke to Dadhimukha. 'Permitted by Hanuman to enter Madhuvan, we were forcefully thrown in to the sky, by holding our knees'. Then the Dadhimukha was angry with Vanaras. Having heard that Madhuvan was destroyed he said soothing words to the guards.' Come here. We will go and forcibly prevent those Vanaras proud of their power, and drinking honey. The bulls among Vanaras hearing those words of Dadhimukha again immediately went to Madhuvan. On their way the energetic Dadhimukha took one tree and all the Vanaras too followed.

The angry Vanara guards took rocks, trees and even big boulders and the elephant among Vanaras Dadhimukha went to the Madhuvan. The heroic guards keeping their leaders words in the heart went with Sala Tala trees as weapons rushed at once. Then the heroic guards in their thousands attacked the proud Vanaras who were on the trees and under the trees.

Then the Hanuman and other leaders among Vanaras seeing the angry Dadhimukha came quickly. Then angry Angada seeing the powerful strong armed elderly one, coming with a tree, held him tightly with his hands. Blinded with power he did not realize that he is his elder. Then he pushed him onto the ground speedily. With shoulders and arms hurt, battered, soaked with blood, that heroic elephant among Vanaras, Dadhimukha, lost consciousness for a moment. The furious maternal uncle of the king quickly recovering, chased the intoxicated Vanaras with a stick. Somehow escaping from the Vanaras, Dadhimukha, the bull among Vanaras moved to a secluded place spoke to his followers who followed him.

'Let them stay. We will go where our broad necked king Sugriva is sitting with Rama. We will let him know all the mistakes of Angada. Hearing those words, he being very furious ,will put an end. This wonderful Madhuvan belongs to the revered king. Inherited from the forefathers it is inaccessible even for Devas. That Sugriva will punish all these Vanaras and their friends who are greedy for honey and are doomed. These evil minded ones who disobeyed king's orders are fit to be killed. That way our forbearance and fury will be fruitful '.

Having told thus to the forest guards, the mighty Dadhimukha rose up along with the forest guards and went. In a moment Dadhimukha reached the place where Sugriva, the son of Sun god, is present.

Seeing Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva from the sky, he landed on an even ground.

Surrounded by all those guards, Dadhimukha bowed with his head to the king who is the leader of all Vanaras and is a great hero. Dadhimukha with a piteous face approached Sugriva and placed his forehead at his feet.

Thus ends Sarga sixty two of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first poem evert composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki.

||om tat sat||
स दीनवदनो भूत्वा कृत्वा शिरसि चांजलिम्।
सुग्रीवस्य शुभौ मूर्ध्ना चरणौ प्रयपीडयत्॥40||
स॥ (दधिमुखः) दीनवदनः शिरसि अंजलिम् कृत्वा सन्निपत्य सुग्रीवस्य शुभे चरणौ मूर्ध्ना प्रत्यपीडयत् ॥
(Dadhimukha) bowed with his head to the king with a piteous face approached Sugriva and placed his forehead at his feet.
||om tat sat||