||Sundarakanda ||

|| Sarga 65|| (Summary in English)


|| om tat sat ||
ततः प्रस्रवणं शैलं ते गत्वा चित्रकाननम्।
प्रणम्य शिरसा रामं लक्ष्मणं च महाबलम्॥1||
स॥ ततः चित्रकाननं प्रस्रवणं शैलं गत्वा शिरसा महाबलं रामं लक्ष्मणं च प्रणम्य ||
Then having arrived at the Prasravana mountain with wonderful forests, the Vanaras offered salutations to Rama Lakshmana and Sugriva,

Sarga 65

Then Vanaras keeping the prince Angada in the front, having arrived at the Prasravana mountain with wonderful forests, offered salutations to Rama Lakshmana and Sugriva, and began telling the story of Sita.

The Vanaras told about the detention of Sita in Ravana's harem, the threats by the Rakshasis, the devotion of Sita to Rama, the time limit set by Ravana, all of that in the presence of Rama.

Hearing that Vaidehi is not harmed, Rama too asked, 'How is Sita? How is she towards me? Oh Vanaras, tell me everything about Sita.'

The Vanaras having heard what was said by Rama, requested Hanuman, who knows everything about Sita, to answer. Hanuman, the son of wind god who is wise in speech, hearing their request, bowing his head in the direction of divine Sita, spoke these words.

'Having crossed hundred Yojana wide ocean with the intention of seeing Sita, I arrived on the other shore of the ocean. There on the southern shores of the sea is the Ravana's city by name Lanka. There the evil minded one rules'.

'Oh Rama, there in the harem of Ravana, in the middle of Rakshasis, I saw Sita giving up all desires living with her mind fixed in you. I saw her surrounded by Rakshasis. In the beautiful garden protected by ugly looking Rakshasis, she was threatened again and again'.

'The divine lady with her mind filled with grief, not deserving to experience such sorrow, detained in the Ravana's harem was luckily found by me. Wearing her hair in one plait, absorbed in your thoughts, piteous, sleeping on the ground, limbs turned pale like the lotus in the winter, Sita was averse to Ravana and is determined to give up her life. She was having Rama alone in her mind'.

'Oh Sinless one! Softly singing the praises of the line of Ikshavakus, I inspired her confidence. Then the divine lady spoke. I presented everything to her including the friendship of Rama and Sugriva. Hearing that the virtuous Sita, whose devotion is fixed in you became delighted'.

'Oh bull among men, thus richly endowed with austerities, imbued with devotion to you, the delight of Janaka was seen by me'.

'Oh wise one, she gave me the story of the crow in the Chitrakuta as a token of your recognition'
Janaki told me, "Oh son of wind god, Rama the tiger among men shall be told all that you have seen here. These words shall be told within the hearing of Sugriva. Present this that has been protected by me. This auspicious Chudamani was preserved by me carefully. Remind him of the decorative red mark he painted with stone pigment on my forehead. It is appropriate to remind him of this. Oh sinless one, the auspicious jewel sent to you, born in ocean was my solace. Seeing the same I was feeling happy, as if I saw you. Oh son of Dasaratha, I will be living for one month. Coming under their control, I will not live beyond a month". The lady with emaciated limbs, following virtuous life, detained in the harem of Ravana, eyes wide open like a deer in fear, said this to me'.

'Oh Rama, I have told everything that happened. By all means we have to pay attention to crossing the ocean'.

Realizing that the two princes are sighing in relief, he gave the token, after having told everything in full, in an orderly manner.

Thus, ends the Sarga sixty five of Sundarakanda in Ramayana the first poem ever composed in Sanskrit by the first poet sage Valmiki

|| om tat sat ||
तौ जाताश्वासौ राजपुत्रौ विदित्वा
तच्चाभिज्ञानं राघवायप्रदाय।
देव्या चाख्यातं सर्वमेवानुपूर्व्या
द्वाचा संपूर्णं वायुपुत्त्रः शशंस॥28||
स॥ वायुपुत्रः तौ राजपुत्त्रौ जाताश्वासौ विदित्वा तत अभिज्ञानं प्रदाय देव्या अख्यातं सर्वं एव संपूर्णं आनुपूर्यात् वाचा शशंस॥
Realizing that the two princes are sighing in relief, he gave the token, after having told everything in full in an orderly manner
|| om tat sat ||