Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 49

Akrura's mission to Hatinapura

Akrura went to Hastinapura , decorated with the glory of the rulers of the Puru dynasty There he saw son of Ambika together with Bhishma , Vidura and Pritha ( wife of King Pandu)


Akrura's mission to Hastinapura

Suka Deva continued

Akrura then went to Hastinapura, a city decorated with the glory of the rulers of the Puru dynasty.

There he saw Dhritarashtra, the son of Ambika together with Bhishma, Vidura and the Kunti, the wife of King Pandu. He also saw Dronacharya, Kripaacharya, Duryodhana, Karna, Aswathama, the Pandavas and other close friends.

Appropriately meeting with all he enquired about the welfare of all and in turn responded to the enquires about the welfare of people in Mathura. Akrura stayed on for a few months, with the desire of finding out the activity of the King, whose determination is weak, and whose sons are wicked who tended to follow mischievous advice. Vidura and Kunti told Akrura about the influence, the skill, strength, bravery humility and the other excellent qualities of the Pandavas, and the great affection of the citizens for the sons of Pandu. They also told about those who could not tolerate the good will for Pandavas. They also spoke about the intentions of the sons of Dhritarashtra and also about the attempts to poison the Pandavas.

Kunti approached her brother Akrura and spoke with tears in her eyes. “Oh gentle one! Do my parents, brothers, sisters, brother's sons, women of the family remember us? Now I am lamenting in the midst of my enemies like a doe in the midst of wolves. Will Krishna console me and the boys deprived of their father with his words? “

Then remembering Lord Krishna as the supreme soul, she burst out into a prayer.” Krishna! Krishna! , Oh Maha Yogi, the Supreme Soul, and the protector of the Universe, O Govinda please protect me, and my children who are sinking down in distress. For the human beings afraid of death and rebirth, I do not see any other shelter than the Lotus feet of the Supreme One. I offer my obeisance to Krishna, the pure one, the absolute truth, the source of all knowledge. I have come to you for shelter.”

Thus remembering her own relatives and Krishna the Lord of Universe in the middle of the difficulties she is placed, Kunti being unhappy cried loudly.

Akrura who sees happiness and sorrows as equal and the highly renowned Vidura consoled Kunti, reminding her about the greatness of her sons and their births.

When he was set to leave, he approached the King seated among his friends and related the message of Krishna and Balaram.

“Oh dear son of Vichitravirya, Oh enhancer of Kuru's glory, your brother having passed away, you have assumed the throne. Religiously protecting the earth, delighting the citizens by good character, and remaining equally disposed to your relatives you will achieve perfection. If you act otherwise in this world you will attain darkness. Therefore remain situated in equanimity towards your sons and the Pandavas, the sons of your brother. In this world there is no perpetual relation with any one, not even with one's own body what to speak of wife, children and so on. Every creature is born alone, meets his death alone, and also enjoys the good and bad alone”.

“An uneducated person indulges in sinful activities to nourish those things thinking them to be his own, but in the end gets frustrated when the same things leave him. Abandoned by his so called dependents, not knowing properly the purpose of his life, whose goals are unfulfilled, blind to his religious duties, he enters the hell taking his sinful actions with him. Therefore O King looks upon this life as dream, a magic trick, or fantasy of the mind. Bringing under control the mind and being equi-poised you become peaceful”

Dhritarastra said, “O master of charity I can never be satiated hearing your words. Indeed your words are like nectar of immortality. Who can defy the injunctions of the Supreme Lord who has now incarnated in the Yadus clan to reduce the burden for this earth? I offer my obeisance to him “

Akrura after knowing the views of the king, took permission from the relatives and friends, and then returned to the city of Yadus. Then he reported to Balaram and Krishna about Dhritarashtra's behavior towards Pandavas, for which purpose he was sent.


Reported to Balaram and Krishna , the Dhritarashtra's behavior towards Pandavas for which purpose he was sent