Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 14

Brahma's Hymn

"I pray to you , the son of King of Gopas , whose body is dark blue , whose face is resplendent with ornaments , who is wearing garlands of forest flowers and peacock feathers , carrying a Flute and the bugle , standing with a morsel of food in your hand "

Brahma's Hymn

Suka Deva continued.

Lord Brahma said ‘ I pray to you , the son of King of Gopas , whose body is dark blue , whose face is resplendent with ornaments , who is wearing garlands of forest flowers and peacock feathers , carrying a Flute and the bugle , standing with a morsel of food in your hand '

'There are those who giving up the process of material knowledge live simply offering obeisance and spending their time hearing in all humility about your excellences from your devotees and allow their action speech and thought to be saturated with the devotion to you . Oh! Unconquerable one! These are the people who conquer you'.

'Oh Deva, you show such mercy to me and to other devotees, I am not capable of estimating the power of your supreme being, which is at once controlled, and at the same time manifest in every being too. There are some who engage in path of knowledge rejecting the path of devotion and they are left unsatisfied like those who after beating the wheat get the empty husks'.

'Bhuman! there are those yogis who endeavor to offer every thing and followed prescribed duties and realized the supreme state easily by devotional service through hearing and chanting your name. Yet others are able to achieve the same by focusing on the inner self, free from material attachments'.

'In time the learned people will be able to count the atoms of the earthly planet, the particles of snow, the sky, the illumination of the stars and planets but none can measure your capacity'.

'Oh Bhagavan! Your pastimes are happening all the time and nobody knows when where and how your power is employed'.

'Oh Isa! See my contemptible attempt to use my illusory power in your presence by hiding the calves and the boys. It is like a spark in front of the fire itself'.

'Therefore oh Achyuta, you may please excuse me'.

'Oh Lord Adokhaja , does the mother take offense to the kicking with legs by the baby in the womb, and is there anything existing in the universe which is external to your abdomen'.

'Oh Lord! Today you have shown me that all the Gopa boys are your manifestation, so are the calves of Vrindavan, next you appeared in the four handed form of Lord Vishnu, finally now I see you as the infinite form. Oh Lord how fortunate are the cows and the ladies of Vrindavan, whose nectar like breasts milk has been drunk by you. What a great fortune for Nanda Maharaj and other Gopas that they have you as their friend'.

'Oh Lord! until they become your followers , their material attachments become thieves , their homes prisons , the family attachment a shackle on their feet. Once they become your followers the shackles are broken , the homes no longer prison and their attachment to you leads them to bliss'.

'Prabho! Though you have nothing to do with material existence, you imitate life on earth in order to spread the happiness of people who surrender to you. Prabho! People who think they are aware certainly let them be like that, as for me there are no words to describe your supreme form'.

'Krishna please gives me permission to leave. You are the lord of all universe, Oh Krishna you bestow happiness on the Yadu dynasty, the Devas, the Brahmans and the cows. I offer my obeisance to you until the end of this universe'.

Having offered the prayers, and going around Krishna three times as a mark of respect, Lord Brahma returned to his abode.

Krishna returned to the bank of Yamuna to be with calves and the cowherd boys who were there as before eating the lunch. The cowherd friends of Krishna asked him how he came back so quickly, still with a morsel of food in his hand. With a smile, Lord Hrishikesa finished his lunch in the company of his friends. While returning Krishna showed the skin of the dead serpent Aghasura. When they returned to Vrindavan they all related the story of Aghasura and related the same like it happened the day before.

Maharaj Parikshit who has been listening intently to the story being related by Suka Mahamauni asks “Brahman! How is it that the love for Krishna was more intense than the love for their offspring?”

Suka Deva said “o king! For all living beings, own self is certainly most dear. Every thing else like children, wealth is dear due to attachment of the self itself. For those who subscribe to the view that self is the body, nothing else is dearer than the body itself. If a person comes to think this body is mine, he will realize that the body is not as dear as the self itself. Therefore one's own self is the dearest. Indeed in this whole world, with its moving and none moving entities, satisfaction of this self. Know that Lord Krishna, the Supreme Being is the soul of all living beings. For the benefit of the whole universe he appeared like a human being. For those who know Krishna, Krishna is like the self in relation to the whole universe. And they recognize no reality other than the Supreme Being Sri Krishna. Having taken shelter at those feet, the ocean of material world is a like a puddle of hoof print to be crossed easily and reach Vaikuntam which is a place with no material dangers to be guarded against at every step.

Oh Raja I have narrated this story of Lords activity in his child hood, celebrated a year later. Any one who hears or chants this acts performed by the Lord with his cowherd boys like killing of Aghasura, Lords manifestation as the cowherds and calves, and Brahma's hymn is sure to achieve all desirable things.


"Thus occupyying themselves with various sports like chasing , making bridgess, jumping about like monkeys , the two sons spent that stage of life called "kaumara".