Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 30

Gopis search for Krishna

When the Bhagavan disappeared suddenly, the young ladies of Vraja felt great remorse like the female elephants missing their male Leader.


Gopis Search for Krishna 

Suka Deva continued

When the Bhagavan disappeared the young ladies of Vraja felt great remorse like the female elephants missing their male Leader.

Fully absorbed in the movements smiles looks and talk of their beloved Krishna, the Gopis identifying themselves with him. Fully intoxicated some Gopis announced among themselves, “I am Krishna”

Singing loudly they moved in a group from one forest to another in search of Krishna. They enquired from the forest trees about Him, who is all pervading. O Aswattha! O Olaksha! O Nyagriodha! Have you seen the son of Nanda going this way having stolen our hearts with his smiles? O Kurubaka! O Asoka! O Naga! O Punaga! O Champaka! Have you seen the brother of Balaram, whose smile can remove the pride of even the proudest woman. Oh Tulasi! Always adorning Govinda, have you seen Krishna who carries you along with a swarm of bees? O Malati, Mallika, Jasmine have you seen Madhava who generates pleasure by the touch of his hand. O Chuta , Priyala , Panasa, Asana Kovidara, Jambu , Arka, Vilva , Bakula ,Amra, Kadamba, and other trees standing on the banks of Yamuna for the benefit of others, can you tell us, who have lost our minds, about the path taken Krishna ?

They continued their search

‘O Mother Earth what austerity has been performed that you experience the joy on account of being touched by his feet continuously. Your bodily hairs in the form of grass stand erect in excitement. You look beautiful, perhaps by the touch of his feet or perhaps by the touch of Lord Vamana's steps in the earlier form. Or else perhaps you are thrilled by the body embrace of the Boar, the Varaha also in an earlier form.

Oh my friend Doe, has Krishna in the company of his lady love come here, giving your eyes the great pleasure by that sight. Indeed here we get the smell of Kunda flowers ,that Lord wears , mixed with fragrance of the saffron powder. O Trees , has Rama's brother, placing one hand on the shoulder of his beloved, other hand holding a lotus followed by a stream of beetles maddened with fragrance of Tulasi Garland, acknowledged your bowing down with his glances while walking by ? Friends, let us ask these creepers who are entwined with their husband, the trees, did he touch them with his finger?

Speaking like persons maddened with love, the Gopis in search of Krishna, being absorbed in the thought of Krishna started enacting the childhood pastimes of the Bhagavan

One Gopi acted as Putana and another acted the role of Krishna drinking milk. One acted the role of crying baby Krishna. Another with her foot struck the other one who was imitating the cart that was kicked. One acting as the demon that came in the form of wind and carried the other one who was acting like Krishna. Still another acted like the baby Krishna moving on all fours making appropriate noises. Two of the Gopis acted as Krishna and Rama and others as calves and one acted like the calf demon Vatsasura and another was imitating crane demon Bakasura. One acted as calf that strayed and one acted as Krishna calling them back. One acted as Krishna playing flute and other Gopis praised her saying ‘well done, well done '.

Walking about one of the gopis placing her hand on another gopi declared, ‘I am Krishna, just see my graceful movement ‘. One gopi saying ‘do not be afraid of wind and rain I am giving you protection' lifted her upper garment as through lifting the Govardhan Mountain. O King, another acting as Kaliya stood on top another saying ‘Oh evil one! Go away from here, I am born to punish the evil ‘.

Another declared ‘ O Gopas see this forest fire close your eyes , I shall give you protection immediately ‘ One Gopi tied another slender one to an imaginary mortar with a garland and the other pretended like the child afraid .

As they walked in Vrindavan asking the trees and creepers about Krishna, they came across imprint of Krishna's feet in a spot. These foot prints clearly are of the son of Nanda Maharaj as can be seen by the flag, lotus, thunder bolt, the sprout and the grain.

As they followed the steps of Krishna, the girls noticed the same interspersed with footprints of a woman. Distressed they spoke.

‘We see the footprints of one certain Gopi who was going together with the son of Nanda Maharaj. He must have placed his fore arm on her shoulder much like a he elephant on the she elephant. Certainly the Bhagavan Hari must have been perfectly worshipped by her. So much so that Govinda went with her alone leaving us all. These dust particles from the feet of Govinda are precious indeed, as Brahma Siva and Rama apply the same their head for dispelling all sins.

‘These foot prints cause great agitation. Having taken him aside alone, she enjoys the lips of Krishna. Here on this grass we do not see the imprint of her feet, certainly her tender feet must have been pained by the blades of grass and Krishna lifted his beloved. Look at the deep impressions of the feet of Krishna who was carrying his consort. And in this place he must have put her down for the purpose of gathering flowers. Gathering flowers for the sake of his beloved, he was standing on his toes leaving incomplete foot prints. Surely he must have sat here decorating her locks with the flowers he gathered'.

Suka Deva continued.

“O Rajan! He, the all pervading, who takes pleasure within himself and is completely self satisfied enjoyed with her. Perhaps showing the degraded condition of ordinary lusty men and hard headed women enslaved by sexuality...

In this manner the Gopis wandered in the forest completely bewildered.

The woman Krishna took abandoning all others too thought herself to be the best of all women. Then going through one part of the forest, she said, “I am not able to move, carry me where you like to go”. Thus addressed he said to his beloved, “Please climb on my shoulder”, and he disappeared. She, his consort, felt remorse. She said, “O Natha, the best of lovers, where are you. Where are you? Please show your presence to your wretched maid servant ‘

Searching out the path of Krishna, the Gopis found their unhappy friend bewildered because of separation. Hearing what was related by her, hearing of the respect given, and the dishonor because of impropriety, the Gopis were amazed.

In search of Krishna they entered the depths of forest where moon light could reach. Beyond noticing darkness they turned back. With their minds absorbed in him they talked about him and sang his glories and completely forgot about their homes.



Afterwards they all gathered on the banks of river Kalindi together started singing the glories of Krishna in the hope of the return of Krishna