Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 3

Birth of Krishna

Then as the auspicious time approached, the star Rohini was in ascendant. All the planets and other stars were in beneficial positions


Birth of Krishna

Suka Deva continued.

As the auspicious time approached, the star Rohini was in ascendant. All the planets and other stars were in beneficial positions. Rivers and tanks were full of water and water seemed to be clear reflecting the universe. Woods were full of chirping noises of the birds and other inhabitants. Nature seemed to be in full bloom pleasing the mind. Peaceful silence prevailed all over. All were at ease with peace seemingly reigning all over. Except the evil ones like Kamsa.

It is at this time, in the pitch of darkness and in the middle of the night, Devaki gave birth to the divine child. The child was born with four arms, all carrying arms. Wearing a crown, he was bedecked with earrings and jewels. He was black as a dense cloud. Wearing a yellow cloth and possessed of majesty and grace, he left no doubt in the minds of Devaki and Vasudev that indeed Sri Hari himself was born.

Knowledgeable man that he is, Vasudev immediately recognized the symbols of divinity in the child and prostrated before the child and praised the almighty for appearing as such. Realizing the lurking danger in the form of Kamsa, Vasudeva said “O Lord, you have now appeared in my house for the protection of this world. You are the Lord of this entire creation. You will demolish the armies of demons roaming in this world as Kings, for the protection of innocent people. Oh Lord, after hearing the prophecy that you will take birth in our home the Rakshasa King Kamsa killed all your elder brothers. As soon as he hears that you are born Kamsa will immediately come with his weapons to Kill you".

Devaki too was very much astonished and at the same time was more afraid of threat of Kamsa. She was afraid that with all visible symbols it would be difficult to hide the divinity of the child from anybody, let alone Kamsa. She addressed the Supreme being in the child with a prayer as follows. “Oh Lord You are the MahaVishnu, the light for all knowledge. You are the Brahman. You are the cause of all that is material and all that is immaterial. You are the cause of all causes. You protect all those who take refuge in you. You save us from the fear of Kamsa, the son of King Ugrasena. Oh Lord! , the yogis and learned perceive you in the form as I see you now. Please make this form invisible to people who see you with their material eyes. Oh Madhusudana! , because of your appearance I am more and more afraid that Kamsa will see you to be what you are, the Hari himself. People not knowing your power will not be able to understand how such a child in this form is born. Please withdraw your divine form with four arms and appear as a normal child. ”

The supreme being, the Bhagavan then told Devaki and Vasudev of their past which he is aware of and they are not. ” Oh mother! in the previous birth you were known as Prisni and Vasudev was known as Sutapa, a most pious person. When both of you were told by Lord Brahma to create progeny, you did penance for thousand of years seeking my benediction. When I appeared before you, you expressed your desire to have a son exactly like me. I gave the benediction. Accordingly later I appeared as the Prisnigarbha, the one who is born of Prsni. In a later millennium with both of you as Aditi and Kasyapa I was born to you as Upendra also known as Vamana. Now for the third time I am appearing as your son and take my word as the truth. I have appeared in this form to remind you of the past. If I appeared in the normal form you may not recognize the same. Both of you from now on think of me as your son only. Constantly thinking of me with love and affection, you will attain moksha”. 

Then the supreme being transformed himself to be a child of normal form and became silent.

At about the same time Yashoda wife of Maharaj Nanda, who was carrying Supreme being's female form of Maya, gave birth to a daughter in Gokul.

It is then Maya enveloped the whole world. The chains holding Devaki and Vasudev fell off releasing them from all bonds as it were. The guards guarding them fell asleep. The locked doors opened. As instructed by the Lord, Vasudev carried the child to the residence of Maharaj Nanda in Gokul across the river Yamuna. The flooding Yamuna, made a path for Vasudev carrying the Lord across the swollen river.

At Gokul too all the Yadus fell asleep. A sleep, induced by Maya. Vasudev placed his own son next to Yashoda and picked up her daughter. Exhausted by the labor of child birth Yasoda was blissfully unaware of what was happening.

Vasudev traced his path in that darkness back to the prison. As soon as he entered the prison and placed the girl next to Devaki, the prison doors were locked as before as if by Maya.

It is then the watchmen heard the cries of the new born baby.

In Gokul also as the maya wore off, Yashoda too awoke to the cries of the child, the divine child black as a cloud, next to her.

Thus was Krishna born.


"Yashoda, the wife of Nanda, could understand a child was born, not the gender because of too much labor having lost consciousness falling into sleep".