Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 71

Travel to Indraprastha

Hearing what was said by the Royal Sage and knowing the views of the people in the assembly as well as Lord Krishna, Uddhava of great mind replied.


Travel to Indraprastha

Suka Deva continued

Having heard what was said by the Royal Sage and knowing the views of the people in the assembly as well as Lord Krishna, Uddhava, the thinking person replied to the query of Lord Krishna.

“O Lord, what was stated by the sage, namely assisting the son of your father's sister, the one wishing to perform the Rajasuya sacrifice should be helped by you. Also you must protect those seeking your shelter. The Rajasuya should be performed by the one who conquered all, and therefore conquest of the son of Jara will serve both purposes. Helping Dharmaraja fir performing Rajasuya will be a great gain for us . Hey ! Govinda glory for you and the release of the Kings who are imprisoned. Jarasandha is indeed invincible with strength of ten thousand Elephants. Nobody equals him among other Kings except for Bhim. He can be defeated in a dual. Not when he is surrounded by one hundred Akshahaunis of army. Devoted to Brahminical culture, entreated by Brahmans he never refuses to oblige. Therefore Vrikodara should go disguised as a Brahman and beg for favor. Then in a one to one combat he will kill him in your presence. O Lord! Even Lord Brahma and Lord Siva are your instruments. The wives of the imprisoned Kings sing about how you will kill their enemy and release the Kings; Gopis also sing your glories about the King of elephants, about the daughter of Janaka and about your parents. Even sages who have taken your shelter sing your glories. O Krishna the killing of Jarasandha will be of immense value and it is due to his past sins'.

'It will also facilitate the favored sacrifice of Dharmaraj'.

Thus stated by Uddhava in auspicious and well meaning words, it was acceptable to all the people of the assembly inclluding Narad and the Lord Krishna. Then Krishna ordered his servants Daruka and Jaitra to prepare the chariot for departure. Then he also took permission of all elders to move to Indraprastha. He arranged for his family and the army too to accompany him and mounted his chariot after taking leave from King Ugrasena and Balaram.

Narad also departed, having been worshipped by the Lord whom he worships.

The messenger who brought the request of the Kings from the Kings imprisoned by Jarasandha was also released with a message to be conveyed to the Kings. The message was simple. “Don't fear. The Lord will arrange for the killing of Jarasandha”.

Lord's retinue consisting of all the wives of the Rukmini, Satyabhama, Bhadra, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, the descendant of Sibi, Nagnajiti accompanied him to Indraprastha. They travelled through Anarta Sauvira, Marudesa, and Vinasana. The group crossed many rivers and mountains, towns and villages, and many a cow pastures too. After crossing the river Drushadvati and then crossing the river Saraswati, they travelled through Panchala and Matsya provinces and finally came to Indraprastha.

The tidings of the travels of Lord Krishna reached Dharmaraja and he came forward with all his brothers and wives to receive and honor Lord Krishna before he entered the city. Seeing Lord Krishna after a long time and overtaken by emotional affection, the King Yudhistira embraced him again and again. As he embraced him the King became free of worldly concerns and all sins too. And there were tears in his eyes. Then Bhim embraced Lord Krishna and he was followed by Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev. Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev also offered their obeisance to the Lord. The Lord himself reciprocated by bowing to the Brahmans and the elders of the Kuru family present. Then he was welcomed by the traditional bards, courtiers, and the singers who sang glories of the Lord.

Then Lord Krishna entered the city of Indraprastha.

The city was decked with colorful flags and banners to receive the Lord. The roads were swept, sprinkled with water. Arches were erected to welcome the Lord. Hearing that Lord Krishna is coming the women of Indraprastha came to the main road leaving their children and husbands and they scattered flowers on the Lord as he passed by. Some women climbed the top of their buildings to have looked at the Lord. As the Lords wives passed through the roads, the women wondered aloud what the ladies must have done to have the best of men as their beloved. . At various places the people came forward to worship the Lord and make their offerings.

As the Lord entered the palaces, all the Royal retinue came forward to greet the Lord. Queen Kunti too seeing her brother's son got up from her couch along with her daughter in law and greeted the Lord by embracing him. Lord also bowed to the Queen. Draupadi and the Lords sister, Subhadra too bowed to the Lord. Encouraged by the Queen, Draupadi welcomed and worshipped Rukmini, Satyabhama, Bhadra, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, the descendant of Sibi, Nagnajiti all of whom accompanied the Lord. Then they were all honored with gifts. King Yudhistira made arrangements so that the complete group had a comfortable stay. He arranged so that the guest had a new experience every day.

Lord Krishna resided several months at Indraprastha with a desire to give pleasure to the King. Lord moved around riding his chariot with Arjun who became his close friend. They went around with a retinue of soldiers.


"He resided several months with a desire to give pleasure to the King .Moved around riding his chariot with Phalguna surrounded by his soldiers"