Bhagavatam - Tenth Skandha , Chapter 90

Krishna - The only One !!!


This is the last chapter, Chapter 90 of Dasama Skandha of Maha Bhagavatam!! The chapter is essentially glorification of Lord Krishna. Suka devarelating the story of Lord Krishna goes on to praise Him. It is like Suka's Hymn to Lord Krishna. -

"Lord Krishna ,The master of the Goddess of fortune, lived happily in the city of Dwaraka, which was center of prosperity where the most prominent Vrishnis also lived "


Krishna, The only one

Suka Deva continues

O King! The master of the Goddess of Fortune, lived happily in the city of Dwaraka, which was center of prosperity and it is the place where the most prominent Vrishnis also lived.

The riches of Dwaraka are only to be seen to be believed. Women wearing best of dresses, looking young and bright could be seen playing with ball on the top of the buildings. The roads are always filled with intoxicated elephants, well ornamented soldiers, horsemen and chariots with brilliant gold embellishments. The city had many gardens and parks with rows of flowering trees filled with sounds of birds and bees.

Lord enjoyed with sixteen thousand wives as the only husband living with them in their richly furnished residences all at the same time. In these residences, there were water tanks with blooming water lilies white lotuses, night blooming lotuses and day blooming lotuses. Krishna entered these lakes with his women for water sports. As the bards and minstrels sang the glories of the Lord one could hear the sounds of music from a variety of musical instruments. Krishna would play water games with the women and they would return the favor. These women drenched with water with their limbs quite visible through the wet clothes would pounce on the Lord to take the water syringes and in the process embrace him to their hearts content. Krishna and the women would give away clothes and ornaments as gifts to the singers and the bards and courtiers. The Lord would captivate their minds with laughter, jokes, speech, and amorous dalliances. 

" O King! , their minds too were absorbed in the Lord alone and they would talk among themselves continuously about the Lord. Please hear their talk. 

“O Korari bird you are lamenting deprived of sleep with no rest while Supreme Lord is sleeping hidden in this world. Is your heart also deeply pierced by the loving glances of the Lord? 

O Chakravaki even after closing your eyes you continue to cry through the night for the beloved not seen. Perhaps you have also become a servant of Achyuta, desiring the flower garlands honored by his feet like us. 

Oh Ocean ! you are making loud sound not sleeping and experiencing insomnia like us or perhaps Mukunda has taken away personal marks and you cannot get them like us. 

O Moon ! you look emaciated not able to destroy the darkness or perhaps you are also stunned and cannot remember the promises Mukunda once made to you? 

Oh Malaya breeze! what have we done to you. You are inspiring lust in our hearts already shattered by the glances of the Lord!

 Oh Honored cloud ! you are also dear to the chief of Yadavas. Like us you are bound to him by pure love and meditate upon him. Extremely eager with a heart that is distraught you shed torrent of tears like us. Perhaps the association with Krishna brings only such misery! 

Dear Cuckoo you are making the same sounds we used to hear from our beloved what can I do please you? 

Oh Mountain of magnanimous intelligence, you do not move you do not speak perhaps you are pondering over a grave matter. Perhaps you also want to hold on to the feet of the Lord to your breasts! 

O Wives of the ocean! alas your lakes are dried up with withering lotuses just like we are withering away not getting the loving glances of Lord Krishna who cheated our hearts. 

Oh Swan ! welcome. Please come and sit down .Please drink milk. Tell us the news of Sauri. We recognize you indeed as his messenger. Is he doing well? Does he, the fickle one, remember the words spoken longtime ago? For what reason we should worship him? O servant of the petty master, tell him to come here. The goddess of Fortune is not the only one solely dedicated to him!!"

Speaking thus with ecstatic love, the wives of the Master of Yoga attained the ultimate goal of Union with theLo rd..

The Lord attracts the minds of women who just hear his glories. Then what to speak of the ones who directly see him. How to describe those who perfectly served with pure love, massaging the feet of the Lord of the Universe who is in fact their husband? How to describe their austere penances?

In this manner, observing his Dharma as per Vedic instructions the Lord demonstrated how these may be achieved as a householder. While following his Dharma, he maintained more than sixteen thousand and one hundred wives. Among the jewel like women were eight principal queens headed by Rukmini and he got ten children from each one of them.

Among his sons, eighteen were Maharathas. These are Pradyumna, Aniruddha, Diptiman, and Bhanu Samba. Madhu , Brihsdbhanu , Chitra bhanu , Vrika , Arun , Pushkar ,Vedabahu, Srutadeva, Sunandan , Chitrabahu , Virupa , Kavi , and Nyagrodha .

Oh Raja, among these the most prominent was Rukmini's son Pradyumna. The great warrior married Rukmi's daughter Rukmavati who gave birth to Aniruddha who is as strong as ten thousand elephants. Aniruddha married Rocha daughter of Rukmi's son. Vajra born to Aniruddha and Rocha was one of the survivors of the Yadus after the great destruction.

From Vajra was born Pratibahu, whose son is Subahu. Subahu's son was Santasena. Satasena was born to Santasena.

Indeed no one born in this family was poor in wealth or progeny or short lived, or disrespectful of Brahminical culture. The Yadu dynasty produced great leaders. It is understood that they employed three crore eighty eight thousand teachers to educate their children

The savage descendants of Diti who had been killed in past battles took birth among human being and harassed general populations . To subdue these demons Lord Hari told Devas to take birth in the Yadu clan. There were 101 such Yadu clans all of them followed the Lord. The Vrisnis were so absorbed in Lord Krishna, that in all states of being such as sleeping walking doing and so on, they were only remembering Lord Krishna.

Oh King! , the sacred place of pilgrimage, the river which washes his feet is made lesser by the glories of the one who took birth among Yadus. The enemies and the loved ones attained his form. The unattainable Goddess of fortune is his alone. Heard or chanted, his name destroys all inauspiciousness. He created various lines of Dharma among the sages. No wonder that with his weapon the wheel of time, He relieved the burden of earth.

Lord Krishna, who took a birth among the human beings, and known as the son of Devaki, eternally lives on gloriously. He is the guide of Yadu dynasty. With his mighty arms he kills everything inauspicious. Always smiling he increases the lust of the women of Vrindavan

In this manner to protect the path of devotional service Lord has assumed various forms and activities that follow the form he takes. One desirous of following the Lotus feet should hear these as they destroy the ones Karma

A mortal by constantly hearing chanting and meditating on the beautiful stories of Mukunda goes to the abode where the unavoidable force of death ceases. For the sake of obtaining this place many kings even went from mundane home to the forest.


" A mortal by constantly hearing chanting and meditating on the beautiful stories of Mukunda goes to the abode where the unavoidable force of death ceases. For the sake of obtaining this place even kings go from mundane home to the Forest abandoning their Kingdom "


End of Dasama Skandha