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June 22 , 2012

With the 10 1st Issue of Kasarabada.org ... We covered a major mile stone of completion of Dasama Skandha under Bhagavatam page. We have also completed the role models in Ramayan page.

We are now looking at starting a new series under Bhagavatam which could be the continuation into the 11th Skandha. This may allow us to focus on Uddhava Gita which also treated as " The Last message of Lord Krishna". This a 52 week project !.

Under Ramayanam we may start on Sundarakanda with a chapter by chapter Translation, or "Adhyatma Ramayanam". Both may exceed 72 weeks at the minimum.

The Athato continues with articles on Upanishads and related topics.

Although when we started we did not clearly see the way , for the present we see the site focusing on triumvirate ofJnana , Bhakti and Karma yogas through the three columns of "Athato-Brhama-jgnyasa" ; "Bhagavatam" and "Ramayanam" !!

If you have any suggestions for going forward please let us know . Also like Turaga's contribution onRole Models we welcome suggestions and offers from others to contribute !! you can write to us at the mail id below !!


Welcome to 102nd Issue of Kasarabada.org ! There are new stories on "Bhagavatam", "Athato-Brhma-jignyasa", and "One more thing"

In continuation of our articles on Dasamanyaya , The Story of Devadatta , this time we bring a story on the Jar under one more thing . The Jar is one item referred to many times in the polemics of Hindu Philosophy to establish a point !! The making and the breaking of a pot as well as the pot as it is and even the mud contituting the pot form the narrative in vedanta !!

The Bhagavatam revisits the beginnings of Bhagavatam . Like all our classics there is an elaboration on why Bhagavatam in the first place. This comes right in the beginning. It comes out as part of a dialog between Narada and Sage Vyasa in the chapter 3 and 4 of First Skandha. It comes out that after completing what he thought are seminal works for the welfare of people, Veda Vyasa was left feeling discontented or dissatisfied . Sage Narada who came to visit him, tells him that it is because he has not elaborated on the glory of the Supreme being and that he has actually focused more on the four fold activities of Dharma Artha , Kama and Moksha !. Following this advice Vyasa contemplated and completed Bhagavatam which is a Bhakti oriented. Bhagavatam issue carries this story

Under Athato Brahma Jignyasaa- we revert to Katha upanishad with Yama elaborating on Self in the first Valli of second Adhyaya

What is on the kasarabada.org?

For the new visitors we thought of adding a few lines on navigation , so that they may know what is available on Kasarabada.org !

We now have 89 chapters of Dasama Skandha of Bhagavatam. All these chapters ( stories on krishna) are listed by name and are available on a link on the Bhagavatam page.

We have complete bouquet of articles on Ramayana Role models from Ramayana Srirama , Sita , Hanuman , Jataayu , Sabari , Bharata , Lakshmana. Apart from these there were some special articles namely The Message of Ramayana , Going to the Forests and about Hanuman in "In the thick of the Battle " . Along the same lines are the earlier articles in praise of Hunuman 1 , Hanuman 2 and Valmiki Sundarakanda . Added to this bouquet is the Sundarakanda as a Telugu poem by Pandit Vijayraghavrao. We have also added some downloads specifically for the Sankshipta Sundarakanda ( with Sanskrit slokas) reproduced in different language scripts namely Sanskrit , Telugu , Kannada and Malayalam . There is also a Telugu Sundarakanda Katha for those interested in reading the same as prose story !!,.

One more thing page lists all the earlier stories on its page

To see what is available from the earlier issues you only need to visit the three pages of Ramayanam , Bhagavatam and one more thing. Each page of these banner pages carry the list of all earlier articles . The earlier articles on "one more thing" are also listed on the home page.

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