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Happy Navarathris

October 17, 2015 !!

Kasarabada.org welcomes you all !

This week signals the beginning of Navarathris ! And Dussera is now due next week ! Kasarabada.org greets all on this festive occasion.

This time in Bhagavadgita we are on Jnyana Yoga . Jnyana yoga is different form the earlier three in the sense it does not start with a question from Arjuna. Krishna having detailed Nishkama Karma, and having declared it as his favorite way ( Ye me matam idam ) was in a mood to reveal more. He reveals that he is an avatara of God ! That is followed by two signature slokas of Gita which many would recite in their devotion !This week we also add an elaboration on Yagnyas . We see that as one of the most significant thoughts liberating us from ritual orientation.

IN Ramayana /Balakanda this week it is Balakanda Sarga 64. Viswamitra's penance continues and this time his penance is disturbed by Rambha, though Rambha was not as successful as Menaka ! After that lapse of losing his battle with anger Viswamitra takes a vow to defeat desire and anger and continue penance till he attains Brahmatva ! So he is nearing his goal !

We have multilingual pages. An important part of language pages is Telugu. The Telugu home page is restructured . We want all our Telugu visitors to visit the new Telugu page. We created pages for Telugu Balakanda, Telugu Bhagavadgita and Subbalakshmi gari kalamlO. These are in addition to the earlier Vijayraghavrao gari Sundarakanda.

We are excited.

Happy Reading !

What is on the Kasarabada.org?

For the new visitors - the site has a layered structure with with Four main pages :

- Ramayanam which includes (i) Sundarakanda, (ii) Role models of Ramayana, (iii) Vijayraghavrao gari Telugu Sundarakanda (iv) Balakanda

- Bhagavatam which includes (i) Dasama Skandha and (ii) Uddhava Gita

Athato Brahma jignyasaa which includes (i) Kathopanishad and (ii) Tatvabhodha

One more thing is a page where we have articles which could be on anything , informative and educative handled with a light heart and a touch of contemporary realities.

These pages list all contents of those segments !

In effect to have a look at what is available from the earlier issues you only need to visit the four pages of Ramayanam , Bhagavatam , one more thing. and Athato Brahma Jignyasaa. Each page of these banner pages carry the list of all earlier articles .

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