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January 23, 2016 !!

Balakanda Completed !!

Kasarabada.org welcomes all !

With the last week presentation of Balakanda Sarga 77 we come to the conclusion of Balakanda.

Starting of Balakanda about 78 weeks ago has been momentous for us. We are delighted that we started . We are more than delighted that we have completed the same more or less on schedule. When we started we really did not know all the stories that are embedded in Balakanda. We also did not know the very important role played by Viswamitra in Ramayana. He is the one who guided Rama through the learning of all Astras in a way prepared him to do all that he needed to do to safeguard Viswamitra's Yaga. Viswamitra led him to the court of Janaka to see the bow of Siva and complete Sita and Rama's marriage.

AS we said we are delighted that we could bring Balakanda in full !! It is a completion of our Yagnya !!

In Bhagavadgita we are in the Sixth chapter namely Atma samyamana Yoga. "Atma samyamana" means controlling the self . The complex of "self" consists of mind , intellect and the sensory organs. Controlling self means effectively controlling all these too! How to accomplish that is the gist of this chapter . The answer comes as "meditation". In fact many people call this chapter by the name of "Dhyana Yoga" or the path of meditation. As usual the the main notes on the sixth chapter has Sanskrit slokas presented in Devanagari as well as Kannada.

The Telugu version of the Sixth chapter is presented with both slokas as well as commentary text in Telugu.

There is also an added comment on some slokas in the fifth chapter. To say Bhagavadgita is an amazing document would be repeating ourself . None the less the process of writing the prose order for each sloka and then understanding led us to muse a little more . Out of that musing came our comment "A thought from Bhagavdgita" ! Another aspect of our Bhagavadgita is that where ever there is significant Sanskrit text is involved we are having the option of reading the Sanskrit text in Devanagari script or Kannada script with rest of the notes remaining in English. We have full commentary in Telugu with slokas too separately.

We have multilingual pages. An important part of language pages is Telugu. The Telugu home page is restructured . We want all our Telugu visitors to visit the new Telugu page. We created pages for Telugu Balakanda, Telugu Bhagavadgita and Subbalakshmi gari kalamlO. These are in addition to the earlier Vijayraghavrao gari Sundarakanda.

We are excited.

Happy Reading !

What is on the Kasarabada.org?

For the new visitors - the site has a layered structure with with Four main pages :

- Ramayanam which includes (i) Sundarakanda, (ii) Role models of Ramayana, (iii) Vijayraghavrao gari Telugu Sundarakanda (iv) Balakanda

- Bhagavatam which includes (i) Dasama Skandha and (ii) Uddhava Gita

Athato Brahma jignyasaa which includes (i) Kathopanishad and (ii) Tatvabhodha

One more thing is a page where we have articles which could be on anything , informative and educative handled with a light heart and a touch of contemporary realities.

These pages list all contents of those segments !

In effect to have a look at what is available from the earlier issues you only need to visit the four pages of Ramayanam , Bhagavatam , one more thing. and Athato Brahma Jignyasaa. Each page of these banner pages carry the list of all earlier articles .

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