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March 9 , 2012

Krishna's Consorts !

On the Vedas from the West !!

Welcome to March 9, 2012 issue .

We have two updates Chapter 83 in Bhagavatam and the Role of west in the wider dissemination of Vedas.

The Bhagavatam Dasama Skandha moves on to the Chapter 83 which is about Krishna's Consorts !. No, not about all the sixteen thousand of them . It is about the Principal Nine consorts. We hear them in their own words how they got married to Lord Krishna. It is like Rukmini Kalyanam , Satyabhama Kalyanam Jambavati Kalyanam and all the other Kalyanams rolled into one !! . If you have been following our Bhagavatam dasama Skandha , there was an earlier chapter where all the ninety sons through nine queens have been listed. There are several who were curious to know the names of Krishna's children. This comes as result of women'stalk , with Draupadi asking them a question. You can read this in Bhagavatam Chapter 83.

There were some thoughts on "Athato Brahma Jignyasaa from different quarters ." It Is too complicated " is one such thought. At the first level in the very first issue of Athato Brahmajignyasaa we up loaded some notes from Mother Jagadamba. Her notes made us interested. Really the questions raised by disciples in all these Upanishads are very interesting and intuitive.That they could think of such questions, tells us about the free environment they were operating in. Our knowing about questions is actually the thought on our mind. While thinking about all such difficulties in understanding etc., we ran into a book on Role of West in dissemination of our Vedas..It turns out that west did play a significant role in the renaissance of Vedas. That is the subject of "One more thing" . When you read their comments , it makes one feel like knowing more which is what Athato Brahma jignyasaa is about .

The Kathopanishad continues in Athato with Valli 2 of Adhyaya One....

... 'This word is Supreme. Whoever meditates on this word obtains all he desires.This word is the best support. He who knows this support achieves what ever he desires....

Thus starts the teaching of Yama on the word "om" .

This issue also continues the series on the Role Models from Ramayana with Hanuman as the focus.

In the Ramayana Role models we are looking at Hanuman as an embodiment of selfless service. The lead article on Ramayana is contributed by Turaga and is thus titled "Hanuman- The embodiment of Selfless service ". And this appears under Ramayan

No single article can cover all the deeds of Hanuman and we were tempted to add some more . We added two more articles on Hanuman. One is under the title 'In the thick of the Battle", which brings out an interesting side story during the battle in Lanka when everything is seemingly lost. Jambavan himself was almost dead. The story and it appears on the Ramayana page . Sita's favorite is Hanuman, that is well known. Rama too is touched by the selfless service of Hanuman. And his famous last words to Hanuman remain prophetic:

"As long as Rama's story is told and retold amongst men, so long shall your kirti (fame) form part of it."

There will be more in the coming weeks on Ramayana.

As stated the Ramayana Role models is appearing under Ramayanam.Shri Turaga has provided two links ( 1 , 2) for further readings.

Om Tat Sat


Witty Wisdom !

- contributed by Kamaraju Turaga


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