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March 16 , 2012

Ramayana Role Models - Jataayu !


Welcome to March 16, 2012 issue .

We have two updates . Ramayana has a story on Jatayu in Ramayana Role Models. This appears under Ramayanam

We also have an interesting update on a philosophy which is silently followed by many even if they claim "Sankara" as their own. This is brought out under "One more thing"

That is Charuvaka school which believes in "Here" and "Now".

The Bhagavatam Dasama Skandha continues with the Chapter 83 which is about Krishna's Consorts !. No, not about all the sixteen thousand of them . It is about the Principal Nine consorts. We hear them in their own words how they got married to Lord Krishna. This comes as result of women's talk, with Draupadi asking them a question. You can read this in Bhagavatam Chapter 83.

The Kathopanishad continues in Athato with Valli 2 of Adhyaya On e....

... 'This word is Supreme. Whoever meditates on this word obtains all he desires.This word is the best support. He who knows this support achieves what ever he de sires....

Thus starts the teaching of Yama on the word "om" .

As stated the Ramayana Role models is appearing under Ramayanam.Shri Turaga has provided two links ( 1 , 2) for further readings.

Om Tat Sat


Witty Wisdom !

- contributed by Kamaraju Turaga


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